Save Leatherback Turtles from Extinction

Target: Buck Sutter, Director for the Office of Habitat Conservation at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Goal: Expand conservation areas for endangered leatherback turtles

One of the most iconic reptiles, the leatherback turtle is also one of the most threatened in the world. The endangered animals must travel 6,000 miles across the Pacific each year to lay their eggs, but fewer and fewer turtles are surviving the journey. While dogs and other predators contribute to the species’s decline by digging up eggs, the turtle’s most potent threat remains human development. Now, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is trying to cut back on areas dedicated to turtle conservation. Urge the NMFS to take action to protect this beautiful and dwindling species.

Just off the coast of California, fishers use drifting gillnets to capture swordfish. Unfortunately, these nets have been dubbed “walls of death” due to how many turtles and other animals they kill. Turtles also become ensnared in nets trailing behind boats. As the animals must pass through several fishing zones in their yearly migration, protecting them worldwide is an increasing challenge.

The National Marine Fisheries Service can’t protect leatherback turtles across the entire Pacific, but it can save their conservation grounds here in the United States. If the NMFS doesn’t act quickly, the turtle may be extinct in just 20 years. Sign the petition below and urge the NMFS not to shrink turtle conservation land.


Dear Mr. Sutter,

The leatherback turtle faces threats to its survival all around the world. Along their 6,000 mile migration, many turtles become ensnared in the nets of careless fishers. And once they reach their destination on the coast of California, they must navigate the so-called “walls of death”—massive gillnets designed to catch swordfish.

The National Marine Fisheries Service is currently planning to cut back on the amount of land dedicated to leatherback turtle conservation. Unless every effort is put toward the species’s survival, the leatherback turtle could be facing extinction as soon as 20 years from now. Pacific turtle populations have been declining at an unprecedented rate. It’s time to act now—or lose the leatherback forever.

I urge you not to follow through with cuts to the leatherback’s conservation areas. Expand this essential habitat and save this endangered creature from extinction before it’s too late.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ken Clifton via Flickr

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  1. Please sign the petition, it’s the least we can do to help save the turtles. Pass the word along!

  2. Michael Tekel says:

    It’s sickening that the human species bears the most responsibility for the destruction of so many other species on this planet.Human greed and blood lust has far outweighed our ability to be compassionate and kind.I still hope that we can make a difference!

    • i totally agree with Michaels comment so i cannot add to this but what i will say i,m ashamed of the human race they are totally destroying everything on our planet including humans we all have to make a stand and say enough is enough

  3. Wayne Johnson says:

    No more long lines.

  4. Viann Gubitosi says:

    It’s ridiculous how some humans have no care for the future of our planet … How can they not see or understand how they are destroying our world… This is crazy that we who sign these petitions can care enough too sign them over and over again begging for some help…. When will they see that we have one earth and Only One time around here … For Gods Sake wake up before its too late … If not for us for the future of our children n grandchildren …and all the innocent helpless animals that have no voice …

  5. i’m sorry i ever ate swordfish, yet we still need to save repopulating the precious sea turtles! used to care for 2 pet water turtles! save the precioso tortugas!! ‘save all endangered species!’ ‘allow your children to become vegetarians!!’

  6. It is essential that the human species realizes the importance of preserving the environment and all living creatures in it. Why must we destroy the habitat of creatures that were on earth long before us? Why can we not live alongside them, without annihilating entire species who are not able to defend themselves against the cruel abuse of humans? Pls sign this petition, and pass it along to other folks who feel ashamed of the dastardly deeds of some.

  7. Susan Durrenberger says:

    I have been watching the turtle farms in the Cayman Islands and they are atrocious. Please add my name jto the list here. It’s time that humans truly shared this earth with all the other beings created to live here too.

  8. Colette Nevin says:

    All animals need our protection, but most importantly, the endangered ones, like the Leatherback Turtle. Our world has gone mad, treating other species as though they are commodities rather than fellow sentinent species co-existing on the planet with us. Humans outnumber most species (except perhaps for ants), and we can do something about it – no other species can!

  9. Colette Nevin says:

    I have cut down on all my animal consumption with an eventual target of vegan diet. If everyone did this – even to a small extent, the climate would improve, animals would survive, and we’d become kinder humans. I’m sure of it!

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