Stop Primate Torture at University of Minnesota

Target: Dr. Marilyn Carroll and the National Institute of Health

Goal: Cut funding that goes towards cruel experimentation on primates

At the University of Minnesota, drug-addicted primates are currently dying slow and painful deaths in small cages. These intelligent mammals are subjected to cruel testing and experiments so that scientists can research the effects of drug-addiction. Scientists forcibly train these primates to self-administer drugs by withholding food from them until they take the drug. Victims of this depraved research suffer from addiction and withdrawal symptoms including seizures, loss of muscle coordination, trouble breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, heart-attacks, strokes, hallucinations, and even death. Many are euthanized when they are found to be too unruly or too sick to be useful for the experiments anymore.

The abuse committed by Dr. Carroll and her team does not end at forced drug abuse. The primates are held prisoner in small and cold cages that are stacked one on top of the other. They are only checked up on every other day, meaning that if a primate dies overnight, its cellmates are forced to live with the horrifying situation for at least another 24 hours.

Marilyn Carroll, who oversees these experiments, has received $8,888,593 worth of grants from the National Institute of Health since 1996. While Dr. Carroll does have a Ph.D., she is neither a veterinarian nor a primate expert, meaning she does not have the knowledge base appropriate for carrying out testing on primates or any other animals, for that matter. Since the National Institute of Health grants come from American tax dollars, we are essentially paying for an untrained individual to commit egregious acts on innocent animals. There have been numerous protests regarding this appalling animal abuse, but they have only amounted to Dr. Carroll placing restraining orders on various individuals.

Enough is enough. Dr. Carroll needs to be banned from the lab and forbidden to ever test on animals again. The best way to do so is by cutting off her monetary supply—without necessary resources, Dr. Carroll will not be able to continue cruel animal experimentation. Demand  that the National Institute of Health cut all of her funding immediately.


Dear National Institute of Health,

You are currently funding animal torture. Dr. Marilyn Carroll of the University of Minnesota has been torturing primates for over 25 years. As part of her research, she forces these poor mammals to self-administer drugs by refusing them food until they do so. If these primates do not comply with her experimental methods, she authorizes their murder. Victims of the experiment are kept in inhumane conditions and experience the same debilitating symptoms that drug addicts do. These symptoms include seizures, loss of muscle coordination, trouble breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, heart-attacks, strokes, hallucinations, and even death.

We not only strongly oppose the torture of these primates, we also refuse to let our tax dollars fund such barbarous methodologies. Please cut all funding of Dr. Carroll’s research immediately.


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Photo credit: brewingluminous via Flickr

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Hard to understand why the government insists on funding animal abuse with so much grant money and then complains about the budget deficit!!! And these funders and experimenters just continue. Not my tax dollars!!!

  2. Cut this “entitlement” first.

  3. Why can’t they use people like sociopaths or something, oh that’s right they have a mental condition that makes them that way, Must be protected!!
    While our animal brethren have no such rights and harm no one. And never will!! (unless provokes…and goes without saying)

  4. This is absolutely horrible! When I grow up I want to help put an end to stuff like this but I’ve already started to help. I mean monkeys in Minnesota, seals in Canada, horses in Europe. And other things not animal related! What has the world come to? The LORD is coming soon!

  5. May we by our actions towards other beings on earth be choosing our own eternal hell.

  6. Katia Grinkov says:

    Stop the wasteful spending of hard working Americans on things like this!!

  7. Why people abuse and torture animal..people should stop it coz animals are our friend this is our responsibility to take care of them not torture experiment and abuse them…


  9. I have in the past drove the 400 miles {1 way} to have tests & serives done at the Uof M. Never again, ever!!! I work & live in MN, {Husband & family} I will share this w/ ALL, aND CANT SAY,, But I hope horribe things happen to all Whom could do this to anything, These people must Not be very GOD fearing!!!!

  10. And America thinks it is a first world country. America will have its downfall soon, that is why they are so paranoid.

  11. Professor Barry Spurr says:

    Shame on all concerned with this monstrous cruelty.

  12. corina montoya loyola says:


  13. I’d would like to see some proof how you know all of what goes on in her lab? Animal testing is sad, yes I completely agree but I also believe that it needs to be done to further the knowledge that we obtain. It’s not like humans can be used. So until you know exactly how the lab is ran, I would like to say that I’m 110% positive that there are staff who are trained, vets & vet techs who are looking after the animals. So it sounds to me that you need to do your research before you come to the conclusions that you have listed.

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