Urge Mary Kay Cosmetics to Resume Ban on Animal Testing

Target: David Holl, CEO of Mary Kay, Inc.

Goal: Urge Mary Kay to resume its former ban on animal testing and to adopt a more transparent consumer policy in the meantime.

The good news: for two decades, May Kay Cosmetics was cruelty-free. The bad news: the globally-recognized company has recently resumed its animal testing due to governmental regulations in China. However, the company is still promoting itself as cruelty-free. Tell Mary Kay that animal testing is unacceptable—and so is deliberately misleading consumers. Sign the petition urging Mary Kay to re-adopt its cruelty-free policy and to be honest and up-front with consumers in the future.

While Mary Kay is technically correct in its assertion that it does not conduct animal testing, what it really means is that it does not conduct the tests itself. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reports that Mary Kay instead contracts out to the Chinese government to do the tests that are legally required in China.

Animal rights advocates and scientists alike are calling on China to change its animal testing policy. In the meantime, however, Mary Kay is using consumer dollars to promote animal testing while explicitly claiming the opposite. This is not only a tragedy for the animals involved but also a shady and dishonest marketing claim.

Mary Kay needs to hear from people like you. Sign the petition and tell Mary Kay that you know about and disagree with their animal testing, and urge the company to re-adopt its cruelty-free business practices.


Dear Mr. Holl,

Mary Kay has always been proud of its reputation as a cruelty-free company. So why is it funding animal testing by the Chinese government?

Animal testing is a needlessly cruel ordeal. Furthermore, animal tests are usually easily replaceable with cruelty-free testing procedures. Although the Chinese government currently requires animal testing of cosmetics, it is extremely disappointing that Mary Kay would choose to go along with such a policy instead of sticking to its principles and refusing. Since when did the bottom line become more important than the health, safety, and lives of living creatures?

Additionally, Mary Kay’s current animal testing policy is at odds with the cruelty-free image it presents to its consumers. Mary Kay customers have a right to know that their purchases are supporting animal testing, even if Mary Kay is not conducting the tests itself.

Please do right by both test animals and your customers—adopt a more transparent consumer policy and reaffirm your cruelty-free promise.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Janet Stephens via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. They only animal test on rats!! Mary Kay does no animal testing in the US or all the other almost 40 countries they sell to. China requires them to rest on rats for any cosmetic to be sold in China. Mary Kay spends thousands of dollars every year trying to prove to the Chinese government that animal testing isn’t required these days that there are other ways.

    • Guess what, a rat is an amimal!!!!!!!

    • How can you say “don’t worry they only test on rats”. I really take offense to that. I find rats to adorable and they have feelings just like everybody else. RATS FEEL PAIN!

    • Allyson Reed says:

      Only animal test on rats? What is wrong with you? I hope that if there is reincarnation that when YOU die you come back as a lab rat.

    • Probably cosmetics’ and skincare products’ ingredients have been around long enough tht their effects are known and no longer need to be tested. What about new medicines, ingredients, medical treatments and surgeries? Would you prefer that the be first tested on humans? If so, who? Medical students, prisoners, mental patients, the homeless? Black women? White women?
      And let’s say even if cosmetics have new ingredients that need to be checked for allergic reactions or other safety reasons? Same thing? Imagine a corporation making this statement: “We’re not going to test this on a mouse, but we’re going to just go ahead and sell to women right away.” That wouldn’t be ethical.
      Maybe you’d like them to keep aborted babies alive long enough to test on them. Would that be ethical or moral?
      The bottom line is that things get tested on animals before they are used with humans, and I’m talking the latest, most promising treatments for deadly cancers.

    • Robin Martino says:

      ONLY RATS?? You wouldn’t understand I guess… Your only using 1% of your brain ?

  2. Actually, their products are made in the United States. Animal testing is a requirement from the Chinese government in order to sell their products there. I still don’t like that they are animal testing for any reason, but I get that they are a business and need to tap into the 3rd largest group of cosmetic buyers.

    • Linda Benfield says:

      Because they are a business is no reason to put profit above animal torture.

    • Sorry, but Mary Kay has a large amount of products manufactured in China.

      • Correct…thoigh,none of which are products that you would put on your face, unless you purchase in China. If you purchase in the US, every product (except eye makeup remover…it’s made in Canada) is made right in Dallas, TX.

  3. VERY disappointed! Mary Kay herself would be turning in her grave. Instead of trying to convince the Chinese government they should abstain from selling to China. China is known for horrific animal abuse and the American people are not stupid to this fact. I can’t believe MK’s son would turn a blind eye! I have proudly spoken of MK’s position on animal testing and now am embarrassed to be associated with them. They have let me down. Please speak out – we do have the power to make changes by being heard in person, actions and by social media sites!

  4. I am a big hollywood makeup artist and teacher! You are banned until you stop animal testing!

    • I am a Younique beauty products rep. We DO NOT test on animals and our products are made in the USA.Plus,it’s paraben free. check out my website @ youniqueproducts.com/nitaleclair

      • Sarah Kinner says:

        They actually do buy their ingredient from companies that test on animals. They in Utah don’t but there providers do. My sister works from them!

  5. Rats feel pain….bottom line!!!
    Just trashed all my Mary Kay products!!!!

  6. Brenda Wolfe says:

    I agree. I won’t order Mary Kay products until they stop using any animals for testing.

  7. It’s ok for people to set traps to kill rats but it’s not ok for them to be use in labs for testing? It’s a double standard don’t you think?
    I don’t agree with any kind of animal testing but I do support Mary Kay because in America they are made free of animal testing. As for MAc, Lancome, Bobby Brown etc… not so much!

    • Mary Kay does not support animal testing. Mary Kay is committed to the elimination of animal testing and is a strong advocate of utilizing alternative methods to substantiate the safety of our ingredients and products. We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to do so on our behalf, except when absolutely required by law. For more than two decades, we have been a global leader in helping to develop alternative testing methods for product safety. This commitment continues today, in partnership with global regulatory agencies that manage cosmetic safety, with animal advocacy groups and with leading animal alternative researchers.

  8. Guess I won’t shop Mary Kay! I will only use animal-free products.

  9. I am a consultant, and I love our company. It makes me sad that according to the Chinese government we must test on animals there. Rats, while I personally wouldn’t own one as a pet are very smart, sweet, and friendly creatures. They should not be subjected to that. While I support our company I’ve signed the petition for change,and encourage others to do so as well. Mary Kay has proudly not tested on animals for decades. Let’s not let the Chinese government or any government ruin that. No animal should be tested on.

  10. Ok rock throwers,,, what about all the other companies that DO animal test right here in the good ole US. Hmmm,,, how many use Tide? What about Pampers ( or did)? Johnson’s baby shampoo anyone? What about the universities here? Yep,, they still have laboratories that test on Beagle’s that are constantly breed for animal testing. They never get to touch grass,, never get to feel love. You know what they do after their done with them?? They destroy them. Google it. It’s real. Mary Kay herself has been deceased for almost 30 years. Yes it’s sad, no animal should be tested on.

  11. Mazie Smith says:

    Unless consumers take a stand against animal testing, things will never change. I am returning everything I have purchased from Mary Kay to my rep and looking for companies with more integrity to support. Your loss, Mary Kay!

  12. I would much rather spend my time and passion saving the lives of innocent babies that are aborted in our country than trying to change another countries laws.

    When you stop purchasing Mary Kay in the United States, you are hurting your Consultant and the U.S. division of Mary Kay. That just makes the China market look that much more profitable!

  13. Susan Trader says:

    Mary Kay is choosing profits in China over animal’s rights! That’s all I need to know. I will never buy Mary Kay again. I prefer Aveda anyways.

  14. Sarah Kinner says:

    But you don’t have to sell in China! A lot of companies avoid China, but not MK or Younique!

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