Urge Norway to Obey International Whaling Ban

Target: Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg

Goal: Stop disobeying the international whaling ban and outlaw whale hunting.

Whale hunting has been banned internationally by all but three countries because of its cruel nature and a lack of demand for whale meat and whale products. The process of whaling involves shooting the majestic animals with rifles and exploding harpoons at sea from an unsteady ship deck. The chances of a clean shot are slim and often the whales suffer for over an hour before finally dying. Despite an international ban on whaling, Norway continues to hunt and kill minke whales in large numbers.

Minke whales are curious, playful animals that are often found approaching boats and keeping up with moving ships. Their playful nature makes them a popular sighting for whale watching groups, as they bob and roll in the boat’s wake.

This year, the Norwegian whale hunters will kill nearly 1,300 minke whales despite new progressive animal welfare laws. Although Norway recently passed a comprehensive Animal Welfare Act, the nation has made no considerations for marine mammals.  Moreover, very few Norwegians even eat whale meat, and most agree the process causes undue suffering.

Tell Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to conform to international regulations and stop Norwegian whaling.


Dear Mr. Stoltenberg,

It is disappointing that Norwegian whalers continue to hunt and kill minke whales in the face of an international whaling ban. Although almost every country in the world has banned the whaling process because its cruelty, Norway has been gradually increasing the number of whales killed each year.

Not only do most Norwegians agree that whaling is inhumane, but less than 1% eat their meat.  This year, your country will be responsible for the slow and agonizing death of almost 1,300 whales; a surprising figure for such a progressive country. Your recent Animal Welfare Act protects farm animals from brutal deaths that inflict suffering, but does not protect whales, which often suffer for more than an hour before they are finally put out of their misery.

Please consider extending the protection your country offers to livestock and other animals to marine mammals, like minke whales, and keep them from suffering. Your reputation as a progressive nation is at stake if you continue to support whaling. I urge you to ban whaling and stand with the rest of the world against this terrible industry.


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Photo Credit: PVD Eric via Flickr

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Some just love to hunt for sport whether on land or sea. When will humans realize how horrific and cruel this murder of beautiful, magnificent animals is??? They have the right to be on this earth as we do!!! In peace in their own habitats.

  2. Fran Fulwiler says:

    I am disgusted with Norway’s cruel laissez-faire attitude toward these environmentally important marine animals, who play an essential role in reducing atmospheric carbon. My family and I would love to visit Norway, but will not do so until your nation comes into compliance with the international ban on whale hunting.

  3. end the hunts on the whales now Norway.

  4. lora mericle says:

    Whale hunting needs to stop and “research vessels” need to have caps on the number of slaughters.

  5. Marc Dommers says:

    Norwegian barbarians, I can’t believe that a modern Western country allows such cruelty…

  6. Kurt Pedersen says:

    Prime Minister Stoltenberg,how can you allow this shame? It’s not tradition,history and no marked,so why? The IWC warned you against any quota,this is meaningless,this is just showoff! It’s disgusting and the gov.disgust me and I’m ashamed of my own country.I won’t give up,I’ll fight you on this one,we wanna see an end of this!

  7. Norway obey the international whaling ban NOW

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