Tell Avon to Stop Testing on Animals

Target: Sheri McCoy, CEO of Avon

Goal: Stop testing cosmetic products on animals.

Avon has a long history of being a cruelty-free company. However, in recent years, the company has started to conduct animal tests overseas. Animal testing is still mandatory for cosmetics is some countries such as China, and when companies such as Avon choose to conduct business there, that company is choosing to endorse animal testing. Avon is no longer cruelty-free and needs to come clean about its animal testing overseas.

Animal testing for cosmetics is an archaic, cruel, and unnecessary practice. Many alternatives are available, such as using synthetic human skin cells, stem cells, and a large database of existing research. No animals need to be tortured and killed for cosmetic products. Animals that are test subjects undergo numerous forms of abuse, such as having chemicals dropped in their eyes, being force-fed toxic mixtures, and having their skin smeared with chemical-ridden ointments. These animals are often injured and ultimately killed in the process.

Avon used to be an industry leader in ensuring that no animals were injured or killed in the production of its products. Now, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has removed its endorsement of Avon as a cruelty-free company. Please ask Avon to stop animal testing.


Dear Sheri McCoy, CEO of Avon,

Until recently, your company was an industry leader in refusing to test your products on animals. However, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you have recently begun ordering animal tests on your facilities overseas, particularly in China, where animal testing is compulsory for cosmetics. These animal tests are cruel and unnecessary, since so many safe alternatives exist in the modern world. As you know, using synthetic skin cells, stem cells, or preexisting research has enabled many cosmetic companies to remain truly cruelty-free.

Animal test subjects undergo horrendous abuse. Chemicals are squeezed into their eyes, causing searing pain and blindness. They also suffer from horrible skin conditions and often die during the animal testing process. These animals are kept in small cages, terrified and in pain. This abuse is unnecessary to ensure that your products meet safety standards and is not required in the United States.

Avon consumers have trusted your company to remain cruelty-free. Please stop all animal testing.


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  1. Jude Jiggens says:

    I had just had an Avon delivery made this morning and was talking to someone about the fact Avon were cruelty free.
    Ha! When I googled this to find out when they had actually started being “cruelty free”, I was shocked to see that this wasn’t the case any more.
    I will never be buying their products again, as was said earlier, the fact that they covered up animal testing for the Chinese market just made me so damn sad. This is the country that bile milks bears and eats the penis of anything that stands still long enough.

    • Again a post targeting Avon in isolation. What about all the other cosmetics companies that are trading in China – all their products are tested on animals by the Chinese government scientists in exactly the same way as they test the Avon products but only Avon is being vilified for it.
      It increasingly looks like a vendetta against Avon – probably fueled by the other companies.

      • Jude Jiggens says:

        I have always made a point of being aware of companies and farmers who didn’t have a cruelty free practice in place and have avoided them at all costs. All my clothing is cruelty free and I do not eat any flesh.

        • So I assume you are a vegetarian and or vegan as well. Needless to say Avon in america has no real control over Avon in china. Different control and market. Just the same product affiliated.

          Perhaps people enjoy throwing mud at each other. It’s silly honestly to assume and believe everything you read at first glance.

          • What a TERRIBLE excuse. AVON is ONE company. AVON gives their products to animal abusers and testers. If YOU buy or sell AVON ANYWHERE, YOU are personally responsible for the abuse of animals. And yes, I am vegan. I dont support animal abuse. If you eat meat or dairy, you do. If you buy or sell AVON, you do.

      • Alan, so your defense of AVON amounts to, “What about the other people who abuse animals?”


        Fueled by what other company? You’ve got to be kidding.

        If you buy or sell AVON, or if you defend doing so, you’re supporting animal abuse.

    • Donna Marks says:

      I hear you, I became an AVON rep, having seen the “cruelty free” logo as a long standing customer, I had no idea until I had been trading for some time. I have signed the petition. The big problems is eliminating companies that are not ethical and then finding ones that are 100% ethical. Just about every product in my home has cruelty woven into it, from the washing up liquid, the dishwasher tabs, my training shoes, the paint I used to decorate the house, the creosote used to protect my fence etc… Plus the fact that big pharmas etc are all neck deep in some kind of cruelty, cover-ups, exploitation, putting profits before people every time. I think PETA is the one to round up all the signatures and put it to the big companies including AVON and anyone relying on China to carry out their testing.

  2. Angela Holmes says:

    I am always suspicious of any company calling itself ethical! Dig a little deeper and you find plenty of unsavoury stuff going on! Funny, how all principles fly out of the window when it comes to business! Cameron too,him and Osborne have a self contained flat up the Chinese backside!!

  3. You’re all being misled and played for fools. In product development, and anything sold in The US, Avon’s products are NOT tested on animals. AVON DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS, and hasn’t since 1989.
    They sell in over 100 countries. There are laws in OTHER COUNTRIES, that require animal testing BY LAW (for ANY cosmetics company) in order to sell to humans. That’s the only instance in which it happens – and is outside Avon’s jurisdictions.
    Huge eye roll, people. HUGE.

    • Then they shouldn’t sell in China! If the make-up companies etc stopped supplying China then they would save many animals from torture. Avon is aware that their product is being tested on animals therefore they DO TEST ON ANIMALS!!! Saying that they don’t is very naive. The only way that they can claim to be cruelty free is by withdrawing from China until China change their laws. Obviously Avon are more interested in the £s and $s than the poor animals.

    • Does it matter which country they test or do not test? Are animals in China or another country that has laws that require products be tested on animals less of a concern than the animals in America. Comon! Don’t cut and past from Use your head.

    • Jenni, you’re defending a company testing on animals because it’s not done in the same country that you live in. How narcissistic and arrogant can one person be? Do you think the animals know or care what country they’re being abused in? If you buy or sell AVON, you have blood on your hands.

      It’s not out of AVON’s jurisdiction, that is the most ignorant excuse I’ve ever read. AVON hands their products over to be tested on animals. AVON chooses to allow to have their cosmetics tested on animals. AVONs in full control over that decision. Other cosmetic companies did the right thing and choose not to submit their products for animal testing. AVON is a greedy, animal abusing company. If you’re part of it either by buying or selling AVON, YOU personally contribute to animal abuse.

  4. Carol Law says:

    Avon should not sell to countries that test on animals, if everyone stopped selling to these countries then they would have to find alternative ways of testing, it’s not acceptable, I’m so annoyed.

  5. caryl sawyer says:

    Got a lengthy email from Avon, telling me what good guys they are. They really think women are stupid and don’t know how go use a computer fo find info.

    Now I’m really angry for being called stupid.

  6. Sadly can’t even bring myself to buy Body Shop now it’s owned by L’Oreal. May be cruelty free now but in the past when asked by anti-cruelty campaigners i was given to understand L’Oreal thumbed their noses and increased the number of experiments, thus torturing even more animals.

  7. Cynthia dsouza says:

    test on murders

  8. AVON is a terrible company! If you buy AVON, you’re supporting animal abuse.

    And for those excusing AVON because it’s in China, are you kidding me? Do you think the animals care where they’re located? They’re being ABUSED!!! Would you say, “Oh they ONLY abuse animals where I dont live, so its okay!” Because it sounds very close to that!!

    AVON sells cheap, toxic with cancer causing substances.

    AVON was fined $135 million for their dishonest and unethical ways!

    JOIN US: (I am not selling anything)

  9. Sonya King says:

    Avon uses ingredients tested on animals that’s the standard process they don’t test finished products except in China.

    Ethical companies like lush etc choose not to sell in China as not to have their products involved in this horrific cruelty! They also ensure no ingredients are tested on animals not just finished products!

    No excuse for testing on animals they react differently to humans and tests in animal do not prove safety in humans get the latest scientific testing with involves no animal testing!

    • Donna Marks says:

      As an AVON rep I agree, I have “blood on my hands”, and on just about every part of me with the amount of products in my home that are made from China and just about every where else in the world where profit matters more than animals and humans. Add exploitation and destruction of humans to cruelty to animals but a whole load of misery for the workers who are many exploited to the point of suicide. Trying to protect every living thing including our animals, humans and environment is an upward battle that I lost a long time ago, even without realising there was one to fight.


  11. There is absolutely no need to test on animals. It’s an incredibly barbaric practice and needs to end immediately.

  12. Barb Coutts says:

    Avon just stop selling in countries where they require tests done on any animal. Or else people like myself will not be buying!

  13. Donna Marks says:

    AVON is apparently the 5th largest distributor of make-up. So why not go after the really big boys first? Get them sorted, honestly if you gave everyone the choice of buying products that do not involve cruelty to animals or humans how many would ACTUALLY do something about it?

    I honestly cannot think of one person I know who goes out of their way to avoid cruelty whether its animal testing, chemicals that they spray on their weeds, in the air and even on themselves. They mainly shrug their shoulders and feel that it is someone else’s problem or fault.

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