Stop Plans for Horse Slaughter in New Mexico

Target: Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture

Goal: Stop the U.S. government from allowing a New Mexico horse slaughtering plant to process meat for human consumption

Horses haven’t been slaughtered for human consumption on U.S. soil since 2007 and for good reason, but the government is currently reviewing applications for an inspector at a horse slaughtering plant in New Mexico. The presence of an inspector means that the thousands of horses the Valley Meat Company slaughters every year can be processed for human consumption.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have been leading the defense, heavily criticizing the Obama administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Wayne Pacelle, the president of the HSUS made a statement saying, “It is astonishing that we may see the resumption of horse slaughter on U.S. soil while Europe is still reeling from a horse meat scandal. Have we not learned anything about the industry’s deception in Europe and the turmoil it has caused?”

Not only is processing horse meat for human consumption unnecessary and inhumane, it also creates serious health risks for consumers. Horses are often treated with drugs like anti-inflammatories, which never fully leave the body. The recent discovery of horse meat being exported from Mexico and the European Union triggered an investigation which ultimately led to the discovery that residue from these drugs was present in the food supply.

In most cases, horses are integrated into the food supply as a method of saving money. Thousands of horses are sequestered every year and shipped across borders for processing. Because there is no cost involved in sequestration, such as there is in farming or raising cattle, cutting beef products with horse meat can dramatically reduce a company’s overhead. The decision couldn’t have come at a worse time. Recent government spending cuts could affect food safety inspections on U.S. meat products, making more horse slaughter plants in the future and highly contaminated meat supply a strong possibility.

The HSUS and ASPCA are currently pressuring Congress to reintroduce a bill that would outlaw the slaughter of horses on U.S. soil and also ban the export of live horses across U.S. borders. Please sign the petition below to demand that the U.S.D.A not approve inspections in New Mexico, saving hundreds of thousands of horses from unnecessary slaughter and also protecting our food supply.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

The United States Department of Agriculture is currently considering the possibility of hiring inspectors at the Valley Meat Company in New Mexico, which would allow horses to be processed for human consumption. Not only is the slaughter of horses unnecessary and inhumane, horse meat often contaminates the food supply, as was recently witnessed in Europe, because of the drug treatments they are given throughout their lives.

I strongly encourage you to pass legislation that will outlaw horse slaughter on U.S. soil and also ban the export of horse meat. With spending cuts already likely to affect food safety inspections, the possibility of contaminating the meat supply with toxic drugs and chemicals should be more of a concern than ever. One needs to look no further than the recent investigations throughout the European Union, Canada, and Mexico. Reducing the expenses required to raise meat for consumption isn’t worth slaughtering thousands of horses every year and potentially endangering human life. Please do not allow this to happen.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    We don’t raise horses for slaughter in our society, nor do we eat these magnificent animals whom we have depended upon, have been our most needed companions and helped us to evolve and build all of civilization for thousands of years.

  2. Patricia Wicker says:

    Horse Slaughter is WRONG!!!! These poor Horses suffer so much as do all animals that have to suffer the pai od Slaughter. At least do it in a Humane way!

  3. Slaughter of any sentient being is wrong and undeniably disgusting.

  4. Valerie Wehmueller says:

    It seems that many are getting way off topic. The issue is to stop & ban horse slaughter. Not bashing PETA, or any other radical animal rights group or organization. PETA has, in fact, done a lot more good for the over all well being of animals, world-wide, than most even know about. Even the Humane Society (local) & other animal rescue organizations & groups have to, on occasion, “humanely” put an animal down,or, euthanize. Note the word, “humanely”, which does NOT belong in the same description or sentence as “slaughter”. Slaughter is as the name implies, a horrible, painful, terrifying, traumatic, murderous way to heartlessly end the life of a sentient being. Horses in America are NOT food animals, never have been,&, if I, & many more people like me, have our way, will never be. America does NOT eat our horses, so why should we allow: A. ANY American equine to be bought, sold & shipped ANYWHERE to be brutally slaughtered, so some unethical, idiots can eat them, or, B. Allow any horse slaughter facilities to re-open here (guess they forgot WHY they closed them all down in 2007!), only to be brutally killed to be eaten wherever there are people stupid enough to eat them! You want to eat horses, then move overseas, & good luck eating all that highly publicized, highly toxic, carcinogenic laden “meat”, laced with drugs that are illegal for human consumption!

    • Very well said Valerie…They say Humanely put down..NOT…They heard cats & dogs into a room with an electrified floor…some don’t die quickly because they jump on top of each other to get off the floor…OR they GAS them… The ones that crawl under others take longer to die. HUMANELY I DON’T THINK SO. As I’m writing this… I’m getting sick to my stomach.!!! People NEED to know the HORRORS these animals go thru before they BREED their Pet for Profit…And abandon them on the streets. GOD WON”T FOR GIVE US FOR TREATING ANIMALS AS WE DO !!!!

  5. Valerie ask yourself this whAts the difference between a horse as you put it (and I agree) been led to its death terrified and horrifically slaughtered and millions of dogs being led to their death. Who are you to say or determine or judge that its anymore “humanly” done in that animals eyes than another. You even emphasize the word humanly but what you are doing is buying into some hypocritical notion. Do you think the dog that is being killed feels any less fear than the horse? They are both smart wonderful creatures both feel fear and terror and PETA and HSUS have participated in the slaughter of dogs and cats
    So it is concerning when someone comes on here and professes their disgust for killing one animal over another – they are equally appalling but its your preaching about slaughter for one and being put down or euthanized for another that sickens me as neither should be acceptable
    An animal been led to its death under any circumstance is horrific
    Please no I’m not attacking you just hope maybe just maybe something resonates with you here
    Dogs awaiting their turn to be “euthanized” typically by gas or lethal injection its awful to see and just as we agree it is for horses
    Please reconsider what you wrote and why and them try and see from another perspective that county kennels are not that much different I that they do mass slaughter of companion pets
    Lets not make one okay and one not and agree that both are simply not

  6. James Miller says:

    PLease stop this ! It is inhumane to kill horses !

  7. It’s bad that these sweet Horses & Cows suffer all the Anumals are suffering by Mans hands;-( soon there hands will not use them again Becouse Jeovah God will not let them see the light again !

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