Ask Beyoncé To Go Cruelty-Free

Target: Beyoncé Knowles

Goal: For the singer to stop the production of her newly designed shoes that include five types of animal skins

Beyoncé has commissioned shoes to be made with five different types of animals. Anaconda, crocodile, stingray, ostrich and calf will be used for the singer’s simple-looking white trainers. Jay-Z also had a similar pair created last year that consisted of six types of animal parts. The singer is acting ignorantly towards the rights of animals, and she should be stopped.

These custom-made sneakers will undoubtedly cost the singer a lot of money, but they are also costing the animals their lives. Five animals dying so that Beyoncé can flaunt her wealth and success is cruel and disgusting behavior that should be condemned. Celebrities all too often use their incredible wealth to purchase extravagant items, but animals shouldn’t have to suffer because of that.

Celebrities often think they can get away with anything because of their wealth. An excess of money is no reason for Beyoncé to purchase these ridiculous shoes. They are not necessary for her survival, and the creation of them is simply for publicity. PETA has already attacked the singer, but more people need to stand up and tell Beyoncé that what she is doing is cruel. Sign the petition below to ask Beyoncé to go completely cruelty-free.


Dear Beyoncé,

Your wealth and success is something that is very rare for most people to achieve. While you should be proud of all that you have, you should also be respectful of others, and this includes animals. Your white trainers that include five different types of animals are the epitome of excessive wealth. These shoes are unnecessary and nothing but an example of animal cruelty.

Five different animals will have suffered and died for simply one pair of shoes. It is unfathomable that someone can walk around comfortably in something that was made entirely from abuse. The shoes look exactly like every other pair of sneakers out there, so there is no reason to go the extra mile just to say that you did.

The excessive cost of the shoes is in no way worth what the animals had to go through for them to be made. These animals will have suffered tremendously just so you can make a fashion statement. We are asking you to please consider what goes into making this pair of shoes and to decide if it is truly worth it. Please go cruelty-free and stop the production of these shoes.


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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    This is the marketing of atrocity towards animals, and we don’t need sneakers made of 5 types of animal skins. Bad enough that we use leather, and awareness must be created as to the suffering. There are better commodities to endorse, and there is enough money to be made by marketing compassion towards all living beings.

    • Brandon Taylor Brandon Taylor says:

      Agreed. This is absolutely the wrong message for America’s rich, famous, and highly visible celebrities to be sending – the demonstration of wealth not only by excess, but by exhaustively dragging materials towards oneself from all over the world to make a “point.”

      Thanks for the article, Maria

  2. why so ignorant Beyoncé

  3. Anne Marie says:

    I guess it’s never enough for those who have it all is it? How sad a legacy you leave for your child

  4. David Gates says:

    In addition to the issue of animal skins, I wish Beyonce would be a better role model for today’s young women, instead of feeling like she has to dress (and act) like a street tramp (or glitzy whore) to get the attention she apparently craves. Equally unfortunate is how many zillions of people LOVE her for her trashiness.

  5. the bitch is doing it on PURPOSE. She knows we hate her for wearing furs and our anti-fur heroes get in her face all the time. She purposely did this to show she can. She is a heartless piece of shit with no respect, no dignity, no class, no good qualities at all. Just a fat ass who is trying to get back at those who don’t like her. Well, she will have even more people now who will detest her. What an idiot!

  6. Vicky Cole says:

    Many looked up to you in the Destiny’s Child days which seemed more principled and resourceful, yet now there seems to be no limit to the cruelty and extravagance for fashion, ironic as you look more glamourous in vegetarian designer Thierry Mugler’s gowns than cavemanish fur trims and python trainers!? The intelligent fans would not like to emulate such cruelty if they knew how it was produced

    ‘Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored.’ ~Alice Walker


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