Ban Horse Slaughter in the United States

Target: Members of Congress

Goal: Ban the dangerous and inhumane production of horse meat for consumption in the United States

The United States has not been home to a horse slaughtering plant since 2007, when Congress approved a bill that prevented the Department of Agriculture from inspecting horse meat for human consumption. However, horse meat production in the United States could soon be a reality again as a plant in Roswell, New Mexico continues to push for approval to reopen. As the effective ban on horse slaughter expired in 2011, the USDA will soon have no choice but to reinspect the plant and allow it to continue operations if it passes inspection. Urge Congress to reinstate the ban on this dangerous and torturous form of meat production.

Consuming horse meat poses a serious risk to human health, as horses are not bred or raised as food animals. Often treated with myriad medicines throughout their lives, horses produce meat filled with chemicals whose effects on the human body can be virulent. And because horses are powerful animals bred to run at signs of danger, leading them to slaughter is a challenge. Handlers must stun, beat, and otherwise abuse these animals before brutally killing them. Often, horses sent to slaughter are completely healthy animals that could enjoy decades of life before succumbing to natural death.

The horse slaughter industry only cares about one thing: profit. It should not be allowed to operate on United States territory. Urge Congress to ban this inhumane practice that threatens both human health and animal welfare.


Dear members of Congress,

The horse slaughter industry has not been allowed to operate on United States soil since 2007, when an appropriations bill forbade the USDA from inspecting horse meat for human consumption. However, a horse slaughter plant has been pushing to reopen in Roswell, New Mexico. The Valley Meat Company has been attempting to reopen this plant for years—and a lapse in legislation that ended the effective horse slaughter ban means that they likely will be able to soon.

Horse slaughter endangers both human health and animal welfare to a grave degree. Because horses are not bred as food animals, slaughtering them for human consumption carries a host of risks. During their lifetimes, many horses are given de-wormers, fly treatments, painkillers, and other medicines on a daily basis. Little research has been performed on how these chemicals affect the health of people who eat horse meat; what we do know about such medicines indicates that they are dangerous for human consumption.

Horses also suffer tremendously on the path to slaughter. Unlike cattle or pigs, horses are strong, powerful creatures with a strong fight-or-flight response. They often struggle violently against slaughterhouse workers, leading them to be beaten, stunned, and otherwise abused. There is no humane way to contain horses for slaughter. The industry is an inherently cruel one.

I urge you not to allow horse slaughter to occur on U.S. soil yet again. Reinstate the ban against this dangerous and cruel practice before the horse slaughter plant is permitted to reopen.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Francisco Javier Arias Vargas via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Not the way to treat these majestic, loyal, sacrificing animals who have been with us since the beginning of civilization and were essential to the development of all nations through history. This is insane and unconscionable.

  2. Alice Bowens says:

    I hope this is not what happens to carriage horses in New York City when they no longer can work.

  3. Please also sign at Change.Org Petition to save the wild burros and very important Petition to Overturn the Legalization of the Slaughter of Horses in United States for Human Consumption. Please go to WhiteHouse.Gov and hit contact which will bring up the President’s email. Let Congress and President Obama know this needs to stop. The USDA does not wANT to do this, they are forced to by Congress they bought us at least 45 days to fight this…Please the HSUS is now on board and fighting for these horses lives ! I even called PETA and demanded that they take a second look at this and not back down. The places are fighting as hard as they can, they need to know the public is on their side. There are NO abandoned horses, the report for the Federal Government on increase in animal abandonement is from 2009 they have produced no current information-that report indicated that only an increase of 450 horses were supposedly abandoned or neglected. Looking deeper those horses were owned by killer buyers committing fraud. Please speak now-President Obama asked Congress to change their minds-put the pressure on the Obama administration that we matter as horse owners.

  4. Judy M. Rivers says:

    Something must be done immediately before Valley Meat in Roswell, NM is issued a permit to begin slaughtering America’s horses. We cannot let this cruel and inhumane practice become a reality in the United States of America!

  5. Marilyn J. Jonte says:

    Horses are an integral part of our American heritage and up until 100 or so years ago were our main source of transportation! Horses were so valuable that the penalty of stealing one was DEATH by hanging! How could they have fallen so far from grace?? Deemed no longer a necessity to man’s imminent survival, they are branded as a nuisance and burden to our environment — what to do in this situation??? Clever man decides slaughtering these majestic creatures is a logical, “makes sense” solution! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG — horses are COMPANION ANIMALS, they are NOT TO BE EATEN — don’t we kill enough animals for our dining pleasure??? If you doubt me, just go to your local grocery store’s meat department and view all the available and varied meatfor sale!!! God will NOT ALLOW this; he did not make horses to be eaten…this is an atrocity, this is a crime, and my heart is broken over this…

  6. horses are loyal animals. they are not food.

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