Justice for Bird Whose Neck Was Reportedly Snapped for Revenge

Target: Al Hadeed, County Attorney of Flagler County, FL

Goal: Punish woman accused of snapping bird’s neck in retaliation against roommate.

A dispute between roommates allegedly ended an innocent pet’s life. A woman in Florida contacted local authorities, claiming she had witnessed her roommate Lindsay Theissen snap her bird’s neck before throwing the animal back in the cage. Theissen was arrested for the reported offense.

The tragic series of events began very late in the previous night, when the witness alleges Theissen initially started making threats against both the roommate herself and the bird, who was named Sunflower. After apparently receiving a text about Sunflower the following morning, the witness went home. Theissen allegedly had the bird in her hands and waited until the roommate arrived to commit the act. Authorities reported she may have been intoxicated.

Vulnerable animals are too often the collateral damage of domestic disturbances, and this disturbing pattern needs to stop. Sign the petition below to demand prosecution of this tragic case to the fullest extent.


Dear Mr. Hadeed,

Lindsey Theissen allegedly got angry at her roommate and took her rage out on an innocent living being in the worst way possible. She has been accused of snapping the neck of her roommate’s pet bird in front of the woman before tossing the dead body away like garbage. Reportedly drunk or not, this suspect needs to answer for her cruelty if she is found guilty.

Send a decisive message that animals will no longer be acceptable collateral damage in a human’s misplaced anger. Seek the maximum possible charges for this despicable alleged act.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office


  1. Cathy Baron says:

    OMG seriously – just snap her f*cking neck it’s not like the world will be missing this piece of shit – maybe that will take care of her ugly smiling creepy looking face. What a bitch to do that to the poor bird – f*ck people are ignorant and cruel. Let’ get rid of all of these abusers.

  2. someone should snap Lindsay Theissen neck!!!

  3. That bitch’s hacked-up body would never be found if she did that to one of MY birds. Florida judges do nothing to animal abusers.

    HOWEVER – if you live with a sick person who makes ONE THREAT to your pet, get that pet OUT of there immediately, because they WILL harm them. And you better follow soon after.

  4. I hope someone snaps her neck and puts an end the bimbo

  5. Charleen Murphy says:

    Omg snap this ugly filthy evil looking things neck!

  6. Snap her neck!

  7. A waste of skin!
    Corporal Punishment needs to return and in “Reality TV”. Us sick humans would watch for sure!
    Population control, legal fees and correctional costs markedly reduced, and justice served. It sounds so communist and radical, but clearly present practices aren’t a deterrent at all, especially in America. A penal systems, so inconsistent between all states, and prisons are overflowing?? No wonder its a mess??
    What is seriously WRONG IN FLORIDA?? It requires sinking like Atlantis, or bleach in the gene pool!!! 🤔

  8. People like this doesn’t need to be on this earth with any animal

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