Ensure Felony Charges for Men Accused of Beating Puppy to Death

Target: Pitt County, North Carolina District Attorney’s Office

Goal: Ensure the felony charges against the men accused of beating a puppy to death are upheld.

In mid-February, three men were caught torturing and killing a puppy in Greenville, North Carolina by their neighbor. The three men, Demetrius Crumble, Evan Harrington and Kendrick Fitchett were arrested and charged with felony cruelty to an animal and failure to dispose of the dog. The torture these men inflicted on this innocent puppy is undeniably worthy of felony punishments.

The three men were seen beating the four-month-old Pit bull puppy with a PVC pipe, choking her with phone cords and then throwing her lifeless body into a ditch. Harrington and Crumble both have previous criminal records, and Crumble is facing previous drug charges. It is a well-researched fact that animal abusers are more likely to commit violent crimes against people, and these men are obviously dangerous. These three men are disgusting, cruel human beings and the felony charges against them should be upheld.

Because of the vicious nature of the crime, the felony charges are suitable for the men. They knew what they were doing, and obviously executed their actions in a planned fashion. This innocent puppy was full of fear and uncertainty during her final moments because of these criminals. Sign the petition below to ask Pitt County to ensure that the felony charges are upheld for these animal abusers.


Dear Pitt County District Attorney’s Office,

Kendrick Fitchett, Demetrius Crumble and Evan Harrington are evil human beings. They are guilty of severely torturing a puppy enough to lead to her death, and then throwing her body into a ditch. If they are to do this to an innocent animal, what is to stop them from doing it to a human?

This four-month-old puppy was as pure and innocent as a baby. There is no excuse that can justify these three men’s actions. They beat her with a PVC pipe and choked her with several phone cords. This was a carefully orchestrated act, and the felony charges that are currently against them need to be upheld.

Crumble and Harrington already have a criminal record, and by keeping these felony charges against them we can hopefully keep them off the streets. This was a vicious act that these men performed and they need to face severe consequences. Please ensure that the felony charges against all three men are upheld so that we don’t have another innocent puppy maliciously killed.


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  1. If a neighbor witnessed this, why the hell didn’t he do something?!? I would NEVER stand by and watch something so terrible……. THIS MAKES ME SICK AND SO VERY MAD!!!!

  2. Robin McGee says:

    Please bear these men with pvc pipe, then wrap telephone cords around their necks and then throw them in the darkest parts of the prison and give them water to drink nothing to eat just water and beat them once in a while with a horse whip till they die that is the only thing that is good for them. They need to be glad I am not judge because that is excelety how I would treat them make no bones about it an eye for an eye peroid.

  3. Riesa Larson says:

    I hope they burn in Hell and have KARMA visit them while they are still alive.. A slow painful death would be poetic justice for these monsters.. My heart aches for that precious little puppy who did not stand a chance.. RIP sweet baby. You did not deserve what happened to you.. “”THerefore Hell had enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure; and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall desend into it..Isaiah 5,erse 14..

  4. Lisa Wolfe says:

    I can understand the rage; I feel it too; but underneath it is pure pain. Torturing the men will not undo the torture the puppy experienced and the pain we feel in response. It will only reinforce torture and murder as a suitable way to deal with anger. Yes, society needs to be protected from men such as them and they – and all of us – need to know that there are consequences for committing such heinous acts. Just be careful. It is easy to become part of what it is that you hate.

    • True. But to jail them and our taxes pay for them is wrong. Gas them and remove them from existence
      no Christian charity shown them. That’s bullsit.

  5. Geraldine says:

    To bad it this aint Texas.

  6. The way I see it these fucks don’t deserve to live . If I had power I would electrocute them to death

  7. Roberta Hoffman says:

    We need much stricter laws.Many of these abusers are repeat offenders.They should never be allowed to own or be in possession of animals and should be punished if found to do so.

  8. Do something how is posible these men do this how?

  9. Laura Michaels says:

    There is never an excuse in taking your rage out on an innocent animal! Nobody is asking for these malicious men to be tortured unlike what they did to that poor puppy! What people are asking for is that these three men be held accountable for their horrific crime and that justice be done. These men should be charged with felony animal cruelty for this heinous crime! They deserve a punishment commensurate to the horrific suffering that they intentionally inflicted on this defenseless and innocent puppy.

  10. Sharon Fenderson says:

    These men are total cowards. Nothing more than devilish cowards and intense psychological problems!!!

  11. Is there AN UPDATE?…..what is happening to these illiterate idiots?

  12. Debbie Freie says:

    This makes me sick. Why do these dog abusers and killers always get by with hardly any punishment? I hope they get what’s coming to them this time. There needs to be justice for these innocent animals once and for all !

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