End Fur Farming in Ireland

Target: Simon Coveney, Irish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Marine

Goal: Phase out cruel fur trading starting with Irish fur farms

Fur has recently made a comeback on the runways despite the disturbing practice it supports. Animals forced to live in cramped cages are brutally killed by the millions to support a completely unnecessary fashion statement. Most commonly used are foxes and mink, but rabbits, seals and even cats and dogs are among billions killed each year in the name of couture.

In order to produce the perfect pelt, the animals are farmed and killed with regard for the worth of their skin rather than the quality of their lives. The living conditions on a fur farm are horrendous, with some animals living their whole lives without ever seeing the light of day. Often animals die of heat stroke and dehydration or go insane and resort to self mutilation. Unfortunately, their deaths are usually painful and sometimes quite slow since they have been known to be skinned alive with their hearts still beating for up to 10 minutes after they are discarded. Barbaric killing methods like anal electrocution are employed so as not to damage any part of an animal’s fur.

Despite all of the information regarding the cruelty of wearing fur, there are still several countries which house fur farms. With 63% of the world’s fur coming from the European Union, working to persuade local governments to cut out the fur farming is one way to abolish the cruel practice. Ireland is home to 5 authorized fur farms, and with several of its peers having recently phased out fur farms, it is the perfect opportunity for the government to make a change.

Tell Simon Coveney, Irish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Marine, not to look away from the brutality of fur trade and review recent proposals to eliminate fur farming in Ireland.


Dear Mr. Coveney,

Fur farming is an inhumane and unnecessary industry where animals are exploited for their skin. Animals are bred without regard for their well being and often kept in tiny cages for the whole of their lives. Dehydration, heat stroke and insanity are a common theme among the farms because of the poor living conditions. The killing methods are equally as disturbing as the living conditions, as sometimes animals are skinned alive or anally electrocuted.

Several other European countries have made the progressive move to phase out the industry, and I urge you to do the same. By allowing fur farms to operate on Irish soil, you are making a statement to the world that you support this type of brutality. Please don’t close your eyes to this brutal business and consider the proposal to ban Irish fur farming.


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Photo Credit: Michal Kolesar

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Shameful that there is so much demand for fur, which has so many superior alternatives. We must create more awareness of the atrocities of fur. No living being should be brought into this world and treated so horribly!!!

  2. This is just another way to take advantage of animals. This is another form of cruelty. The people who buy fur are heartless or maybe clueless about what animals look like as they meet their death.

  3. nirmal awal says:

    Why is there so much demand for fur.People can do without it.This is being cruel to poor animals.It should be banned

  4. Yoshimi Kojima says:

    Stop fur

  5. vanamaladheepak says:

    every action that causes harm to another being will be punished by god.what a shame..wearing fur…the heights of human arrogance.

  6. Irena Stoop says:

    Stop it

  7. WTF!! Stop it please!!!this is so sad those pore animals .

  8. Anal electrocution to prevent damage to animals fur! What about damage to the animal. Such brutal methods of killing is unacceptable. We DO NOT NEED furs! Close down these fur farms and prosecute them!

  9. Yoshimi Kakuta says:


  10. David Beskind says:

    Imagine if Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein & other serial killers got paid for trading the body parts of the victims they killed. Imagine there were groups of people interested in buying and wearing them. That’s the idea being carried out here; there’s no difference. This is pure evil, with an attempt to hide it & repackage it as normal behavior. Sickening on every level, including how detached and shallow are the ppl who wear it.

  11. Michela Bresciani says:


  12. Kerrie Gowing says:

    Horrified at this act of inhumane brutality. Barbaric and unnecessary this has to stop NOW

  13. save

  14. The good old holy land my arse!

    Thou shalt not sin huh!

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