Reform American Media and Stop Lying in the News

Target: Julius Genachowski, Commissioner of the FCC

Goal: Stop the lying in the news and give the media back to the people.

The American media has been out of control for quite some time now.  With more entertainment and political propaganda than factual information and intelligent discussion, one of the greatest democracies in the world may have one of the least politically informed populous in the developed world. Something must be done about corruption of the media. Surprisingly, Canada seems to have come up with a solution by enacting a bill that heavily fines news corporations for lying on air.

Massive media organizations must remove themselves from political agendas and stop spinning facts to the benefit of some organization’s scheme. An American bill that fiscally threatens the future of their success would certainly clean up the airwaves and allow American voters the information they deserve in a way they can individually interpret.

Our country is at a crux, and in order to successfully progress this country into the future, we must all assume more responsibility in following the activity of our government.  Our public leaders, media moguls, and financial leaders must commit to honesty or pay the price—literally.

Hillary Clinton recently said, “one of my goals upon becoming Secretary of State was to take diplomacy out of capitals, out of government offices, into the media, into the streets of countries.” Sign this petition to help make this goal become a reality and take American media back from the corporate machine.


The media’s manipulation of this nation’s access to information has reached dangerous heights.  Huge corporations have gained control of almost every major media hub in this country, and bend them and the information they provide to their whim.

In order to stop this blatant corruption of the media, legislation must be passed.  Canada recently passed a law that heavily fines any institution that knowingly lies while broadcasting.  Though separation of the government and the media has been a hallmark of this country since its inception, the current situation with the media can only be resolved through government interaction, and specifically that of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Drafting a bill that prohibits lying should not be necessary, as the responsibility of providing the news to this nation’s citizens is of the highest order.  Nevertheless, such legislation is needed.  The American people deserve unbiased information about the world in order to make critical political, and even moral decisions for themselves.

Please help put this bill into action and help reform America’s media for a modern America.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    We really don’t know the truth anymore.

  2. Mitchell Dormont says:

    The founders of this country, among them Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. perhaps especially, knew and wrote that a democracy could only function properly with an educated and INFORMED populace. That was the thinking behind their founding the first college, here.
    You have a responsibility to the populace, NOT the Plutocracy, to bring the media outlets out of the darkness of propaganda into which so many have sunk; case in point the Fox News Network, under Roger Ailes, whose biggest lie is his “Fair and Balanced” claim.

  3. Ruth Rogers says:


  4. Steve Scofield says:

    Stop trying to change America by using the same old tactics, THEY WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE BECAUSE AMERICAS’ SYSTEM OF CHECKS AND BALANCES HAVE BEEN BROKEN!!!
    Americas’ freedoms are built on the foundation of a free press providing non bias reporting to the public. Over the past 20 years this foundation of America freedom has not only crumbled, but has actively worked against the purpose in which it was established and therefore, America as a free nation is at significant risk.

    The only way to restore American’s freedom is to restore the foundation on which it is was built, and that foundation is a free press as it was intended by the founding fathers. All conservative organizations need to ban together and “Saul Alinsky” or demonize the media in order to neutralize the lies of the media and re-establish the Free Press as it was intended by the Founding Fathers.

    Local Tea Parties need to confront their small town local media, write letters to the editors, post signs, put signs in every yard “The Media is Lying to America”, protest in front of the TV studios with signs Stop Lying to America. Every Tea party organization needs to sponsor a local Billboard “The Media is Lying to America”, At the national level talk radio host should start fund raisers to fund commercials attacking the media with facts such as the frequency in which the report selective information. Unless we attacked the media to completely destroy their creditability in the eyes of the masses our freedom will always be in jeopardy.

    Tea Party members and talk radio host need to put there political opinions aside and focus on one goal. Unless Conservatives follow this path to freedom our gun rights and freedoms will be lost forever.

    On goal
    One purpose
    One vision
    America needs to restore the foundation of America’s freedom by restoring the free press as the watch dog of government corruption and incompetence and not the lapdog of the Democrat Party.

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