Ban Body-Crushing Traps That Paralyze And Kill Endangered Animals

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Goal: Ban the use of body-gripping traps within areas protected under the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Many types of body-gripping traps are still widely available for commercial use throughout the U.S. These traps, which include conibear traps, snares, and steel-jaw leghold traps, work by crushing animals bones and holding them hostage until a trapper, hunter, or furbearer comes to retrieve them. Although body-gripping traps—such as conibear traps which are designed to snap an animal’s spinal cord—are meant to kill animals instantaneously and painlessly, they are often unreliable and typically animals die a slow, agonizing death. An animal could be stuck in one of these traps for days before being retrieved, subject to extreme hunger, dehydration, and psychological trauma, and vulnerable to predators. Some animals will even resort to chewing their own limbs off to try and escape the crushing, all-consuming pain.

These types of traps are responsible for the deaths of millions of animals each year. As they are nonselective and cannot be continuously monitored, they often catch and kill non-intended targets. This includes endangered animals, such as Bald Eagles and Mexican wolves, as well as companion animals that happen to take a misfortunate step.

Though these traps are banned in many states, they still remain largely under regulation. In 2021, a bill was introduced to the House of Representatives that, if passed, would end the use of these cruel, indiscriminate traps once and for all within areas protected under the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Animals do not deserve to suffer prolonged, torturous deaths. Sign this petition to end this archaic method of trapping.


Dear Representative Pelosi,

Body-gripping traps are a particularly cruel method of trapping wildlife and kill millions of innocent animals each year. These devices work by slamming shut onto helpless animals, often crushing bones or vital organs in the process. An animal can be ensnared for days without any food or water, left vulnerable to predation and infection as they die a slow and agonizing death. Some desperate animals will even chew off their trapped limbs to try and escape the devices’ powerful grip. Since these traps are indiscriminate, they don’t just catch targeted wildlife, but also endangered species and companion animals. Even so, body-gripping traps like conibear traps, snares, and steel-jaw leghold traps are still widely commercially available in the U.S. today.

Luckily, changes are underway. In 2021, a bill was introduced to the House by Congressman Jerrold Nadler to ban inhumane conibear and steel-jaw leghols traps from areas protected under the National Wildlife Refuge System. If passed, millions of innocent animals will be granted the ability to roam freely and graciously, without the possibility of having their spinal cords snapped.

We are asking you, Mrs. Pelosi, to please ban the antiquated 300-year old practice of catching animals with inhumane, bone crushing traps and to support Bill H.R. 4716.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Terese Hart


  1. transformation6891Janey says:

    One of my cats went missing for over 6 weeks and no one had seen him on any of the farms nearby. I had just accepted that he must have been dead when a very skinny paw swollen, damaged loving cat purred around my ankles at 11pm at night.
    The vet thought he would lose one paw and possibly 2 but we triage nursed him 24 hrs a day for the next 6 weeks and he recovered beautifully and was back to his old self. I was so lucky my housemates helped and loved him. He had obviously been in a trap and released to die or whatever…He was 7 or 8 years old and the leader and my he came home thankfully from where ever it happened. I know the cruelty of traps.. his paws were 4 xs bigger than supposed to be, furr and skin peeled off, open cut to the bone in one. He was numb pawed for maybe 4 weeks. I would not wish this on anything, animal or human. Most animals would die a horrid death.

    • I’m so sorry that happened. How stressful for you. I’m pleased you got your baby back but terrible to think what a terrible ordeal he must have been through. I hope he’s recovering now.

  2. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs, as their death

  3. Dr.+Dagmar+Görz-Lenzen says:

    How depraved has a human brain have to be to invent and create such sadistic traps? I pray, that everyone, who is involved in that devilish happening- whether trap manufacturer or trap setter- will lose their degenerate claws up to the axilla. They should never be able to touch or harm an animal any more. This scum has to be punished by law. Jail for the rest of their godd… lives!

  4. Patricia Leigh Wicker says:


  5. Agree all comments ban them now. Get these bastards who put these out and stick them in them till they die slow death. What’s wrong with this cruel fucking cunts and the world who allow this shit.





  7. VIOLENCE of Animal Trapping – HUNTING & TRAPPING must be BANNED – depraved cruelty – unconscionable, hateful TORTURE to Animals MUST NOT be accepted — Animals die slow, agonizing deaths — SHUT DOWN Hunting & Trapping — would end the use of these cruel, indiscriminate TRAPS once & for all within all areas

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