End Animal Cruelty at Papanack Zoo

Target: Connie Mallory, Chief Inspector, Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Goal: Stop improper treatment and cruelty of the animals captive at Papanack Zoo

In Papanack Zoo near Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, hundreds of animals are suffering from improper care and mistreatment.  Former employees of the zoo have been trying to bring attention to this problem in an effort to have the zoo closed. According to these employees, the animals at the zoo suffer horrendous living conditions and often die as a result. Either the conditions at Papanack must greatly improve or the zoo must be shut down and the animals rescued.

A recent thread on Reddit by user businessninja9 highlighted the mistreatment of the Papanack animals. The graphic images depict badger cages full of feces, bears unable to hibernate well into February due to frigid temperatures and excessive light, tigers forced to eat frozen turkey without drinking water, dead animals fed to tigers to dispose of their bodies, and a general sense of squalor and neglect pervading the zoo. And while regulation of exotic animals in Ontario is relatively lax, many of these atrocities are in fact in violation of the few scant regulations that do exist.  Worse, this problem has been persisting for some time.

As Zoo Check Canada reported in 2011, the situation at Papanack is not a recent phenomenon. At the time, Zoo Check issued a report on the state of six zoos across Ontario of which Papanack was one. In the report Zoo Check identifies several concerns with regards to the safety of the animals and of the visitors. Shoddy construction is evident throughout the zoo, which may have been the cause of an escaped tiger in 2005. The poor construction also allows the large cats in different pens to attack one another. The animal cruelty and safety risks and Papanack Zoo are intolerable and must be stopped. Sign the petition below to demand they either improve conditions at Papanack Zoo or shut it down altogether.


Dear Chief Inspector Connie Mallory,

The current state of animal care and treatment at Papanack Zoo is unacceptable. The animals that are captive there are subject to what amounts to torture. Animals are kept captive in cages filled with their own feces, fed other animal’s corpses, held without drinking water and poorly secured from one another and the public. Many of these conditions are in direct violation of regulations concerning the keeping and treatment of exotic animals in Ontario.

This situation has been an ongoing problem for nearly a decade. Zoo Check Canada reported on the safety risks associated with the conditions at Papanack in 2011. Moreover, former employees of the zoo have come forward to shed light on the treatment of the animals. Their goal is to see the zoo closed. Given the state of Papanack, vast improvements need to be made or the zoo does in fact need to be shut down.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    Just awful–Who would want to be a spectator of this? The animals must be rescued from these atrocities and this so called zoo must be closed and shut down forever.

  2. sueann moore says:

    have some compassion

  3. I will never understand WHERE THE HELL ARE THE AUTHORITIES??????

  4. KatWrangler says:

    I love Canada and know things could be done differently. I don’t believe that Canada wants its children to see the terrible condition, and suffering -to not see compassion toward all creatures I know Canada wants to teach good values, and that this zoo is unacceptable in its present state.
    Please make the needed changes, for the sake of the animals, and your citizens. TY

  5. Robert Ortiz says:

    How can people condone these atrocities and allow them to continue. Where’s the decency? Where’s the compassion? Where’s the sense of right and wrong?

  6. If you go to a circus with animals you contribute to their misery. If you go to most zoos you also contribute to misery. Canada ought to be ashamed. Yes, where were the authorities? Will Canada change the way it treats animals?

  7. You ppl are sick …. Sicker than what you falsely depict these animals to be!!! Like a linch mob

  8. I know for a fact this zoo is helping those animals that are there. I am part of that family that owns the zoo. The owner of the zoo, rescues these animals from other zoos or from the wild when they’re parents have been killed and hand raises them. He has taken in starving and dying animals that have been left alone by you so called animal lovers. You rather see some of these beautiful creatures killed by hunters then to be safe and loved by the people who own Papanack. I have seen them bring in Timber wolves who were on their last leg and help them recover. I have seen baby deer be rescued from dying in the cold winter thanks to hunters killing its parents. So if you want to rant and rave about this zoo, maybe get some facts and figure out what they are actually doing. So you think feces filled cages are bad environments….so is its head mounted on your wall. Just so you know, Everyone poops and animals do it a lot more then humans. Reports coming from “employees” are discrepancies because of pay. The zoo is under funded for what is doing, and there for cannot pay high wages to its staff. These are not terrible conditions, why because its a dirt floor and real trees instead of cement and fake plastic like in big zoos. These animals are living in environments catered to there specific needs. You people obviously dont know what you are talking about because you yourselves have never been in their natural habitat other then to destroy it. Next time you see a bobcat shot dead in your ever growing neighbourhood because its habitat is being destroyed dont be saying poor animal because you people are the reason for the distruction of their homes. I am completely disgusted by all you say Papanack is a horrible place. I will be sure to remind my cousin of that next time he is rescuing an animal from being killed because you need a bigger home!

  9. Annette Proulx says:

    Please that place has to be checked,
    Its very bad what I have just read,
    The Government has to loo k into that please

  10. caroline savard says:

    Shut it down!

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