End the Use of Small Torture Chambers for Factory Farm Animals

Target: Connecticut Legislators

Goal: Phase out the use of small cages that cause stress for factory animals

Factory farms are continuing to cram hens, pigs and veal calves into cages that are so small, they can barely fit their bodies. The animals are completely constricted and can’t even turn around or spread their limbs in their cages. While many parts of our country have banned or started phasing out this practice, Connecticut still sees it as legal. This is cruel torture for these animals and it needs to be stopped.

The animals are confined to these small cages for several months at a time. They are usually only removed from confinement to be transported to a different, sometimes smaller cage. Unfortunately, the majority of our meat, eggs and dairy products in America come from factory farms that practice this animal cruelty. This treatment leaves the animals in poor health and with severe stress.

The animals that are forced to live in these cages are treated like machines. Their sentient rights are neglected and they are left with nothing but extreme stress. Since many parts of our country have started phasing out this torture, it’s time for Connecticut to follow. There is no excuse for treating animals this way. Sign the petition below to ask Connecticut legislators to ban these cages and this cruel practice.


Dear Connecticut Legislators,

Animals in factory farms are treated like machines. Their wellbeing is ignored, and their feelings are put aside so that workers can make as much money as possible. The cages that pigs, hens and veal calves are confined to are equivalent to torture chambers. We are asking you to please ban this practice in your state.

The animals face extreme stress when they are confined to cages that are the same size as their bodies. They are unable to move, and the hens can’t even spread their wings. Calves are chained by the neck, and pigs can’t even turn around comfortably. They are only let out to be transported to a different, sometimes smaller cage.

Your state still allows these inhumane practices to continue. By keeping this torture legal, you are creating animal abuse that doesn’t need to happen. There are plenty of humane ways to treat animals in these situations, but confining them to miniscule cages is not the answer. We are asking you to please seek alternative ways to handling these animals so that they aren’t tortured to death.


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Photo credit: Social Responsible Agricultural Farm via flickr

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Just awful that these horrors continue, and on a grand scale, in our modern society. We must have compassion for those animals who have no choice but to work for us and supply us with the food we depend on. We have an obligation to treat and respect them humanely.

  2. This is f**n disgusting and unacceptable! If people stopped eating meat and dairy, there would be no reason for these animals to be born to be tortured then murdered. THE LEAST that should be done is that each animal get to live the way they are supposed to, doing natural things in family groups. But nope, profit trumps, which means more toxins and antibiotics and suffering for someone to eat the flesh of a sweet loving animal. Whats wrong with that picture? Go to a farm where the animals are allowed to live free and pet it, talk to it, SEE IT, LOOK IT IN THE EYES and see it as the INDIVIDUAL IT IS. It is not a thing, but a being with a soul.

  3. Rosemary Lowe says:

    The Human Species’ addiction to eating animal flesh is a major reason for its coming downfall.
    Those who think that “humanely raised” animal flesh is better, think again. It is a myth. The Livestock & Animal Agriculture, in general, is a large contributor to Global Climate Change,destroying wildlife, wildlife habitat, soils, streams, forests and grasslands. This is particularly evident here in the Southwest. Livestock graze all over our National Forests, Wilderness Lands, BLM Lands, and even on Wildlife Refuges. The Livestock Industry gets federal subsidies to graze on these public lands, which are the last refuge for native wild animals. Federal agents kill millions of native wild animals for the Livestock/Animal Agriculture Industry–at taxpayer expense to boot.

  4. This is barbaric, it MUST stop.

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