Keep Dangerous Methane Emissions in Check

Target: Ikurou Shibayama, CEO of Itoham Foods

Goal: Make methane reductions integral component of environmental protection mission.

When it comes to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions fueling the climate crisis, carbon often gets the credit, so to speak. While lowering levels of this gas is a vital part of reversing the climate trend, it only tells part of the story. Another insidious gas, methane, is equally if not more destructive to the environment. In fact, many climate scientists believe seriously curbing these emissions may be the most potent weapon in combatting climate change in the years ahead.

Unfortunately, many governments are behind the times. They do precious little to reign in arguably the two biggest contributors to methane production: the meat and dairy industries. Some companies with big stakes in these products have attempted to set a better standard by utilizing tools like methane-reducing feed. Few, if any, have tried exploring alternative protein options that could not only be a boon for the environment but for animal welfare as well.

A list was recently compiled of the “worst of the worst” in unchecked methane emissions. Sign the petition below to urge one member of this Hall of Shame to course-correct for the benefit of business and for the betterment of the world as a whole.


Dear Mr. Shibayama,

Your company was recently ranked among the worst three offenders in the world in regards to climate-endangering methane emissions. You apparently had nothing to say in response to the news. You have, however, released an environmental preservation initiative stressing “constant efforts at environmental protection” and “contributing to the development of new meal options and the well-being of society.” At a time when the nation of Japan has joined with so many other countries in pledging a cleaner, healthier future, your actions should be speaking far louder than any words you could offer.

These actions, at the very least, should include the wide-scale use of methane-reducing feed. But if you want to think about the long-term value of this organization and its place in the future, you would consider leading the way by investing in alternative protein options. This one step would be the best way to honor commitments made to ending the climate crisis and to ensuring you do not get left behind in the march toward progress.


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