Captive Orcas Reportedly Chewing Teeth Off and Banging Heads Into Walls Must be Freed

Target: Marc G. Swanson, Interim CEO SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Goal: Release all orcas into the wild or to accredited sanctuaries.

Despite years of efforts to free SeaWorld’s orcas, this amusement park chain is still imprisoning these majestic animals for the entertainment and profit of humans. A former SeaWorld orca trainer, John Hargrove, is continuing his push to end this inhumane practice.

According to Hargrove, it is the confinement and mistreatment of orcas that has led to numerous high profile deaths at the parks. “Physical and psychological damage endured by human prisoners in solitary confinement is well documented. Orcas at amusement parks such as SeaWorld suffer the same fate,” noted Hargrove.

Hargrove is quick to point out that the orcas, themselves, are not to blame for the deaths at the park. Instead, the orcas eventually acted out, likely because of the harsh conditions they were forced to endure.

Incredibly, Hargrove claims that more than 40 orcas, 400 dolphins, and numerous whales have died at SeaWorld. Reportedly, some of the causes of death included pneumonia, infections, traumatic injuries, encephalitis, heart failure, and intestinal gangrene.

He also claimed that the confined mammals often broke their own teeth from chewing on concrete and slammed their heads against the walls of their cages.

SeaWorld has disputed many of these claims and also has agreed to stop breeding orcas. However, they continue to imprison orcas and force them to put on shows for humans inside tiny enclosures.

SeaWorld must finally do the right thing and release these majestic creatures.


Dear Marc G. Swanson,

Numerous humans have been killed by orcas at your parks, and numerous orcas, dolphins, and other whales, have apparently died, as well. These tragedies have been attributed by many experts to the severe stress these mammals face due to years of confinement.

A former SeaWorld trainer claims some of the deaths are attributed to pneumonia, infections, traumatic injuries, encephalitis, heart failure, and intestinal gangrene.

It is cruel to continue to imprison these intelligent and majestic animals for the entertainment and profit of humans. Please do the right thing and release all of SeaWorld’s remaining orcas to the wild or an accredited sanctuary.

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    • teresa zamallloa ; says:

      … . and unfortunately no judge gives it the necessary importance when it comes to animals to give a verdict


  3. THIS SHIT IS STILL GOING!!!?Get them out of there!!

  4. Marc G. Swanson is a SCUMBAG POS for making money off of torturing animals! He is SICK and EVIL!

  5. Kristin Clark says:

    Most captive-bred/raised animals do not have the knowledge, experience, and skills to survive without support. That much is understood. But, these whales could be moved gradually from small to larger, open-water, managed marine sanctuaries where they will be safe from poaching, monitored, cared for, healthy, and have appropriate food available. Whales of all types, along with a host of other sea life are crucial to the maintenance of a healthy planetary ecosystem. Is there such a thing as a “marine sanctuary?” If not, should there be one? Could there be one? Gradually, could the whales be assessed over time for readiness to be released? All rhetorical, but relevant questions.

    • Agree with you and yes there are marine sanctuaries. Think about it this way… are in a barren 4X4 room for most of your life with only very vague memories of family and being cared for and loved. One day the door opens. Would you not run. Maybe afraid but feeling the freedom the hope and maybe the voices of you own kind. Take your choice…a dreadful kind of safety….a run for freedom and all that those vague memories say could be waiting.

  6. Marc G Swanson is to blame without a doubt but what about about all ignorant stupid people who pay to see this cruelty. I know of someone who says that they don’t go to the whale shows, just walk the park. So of course I called them one of the stupid ignorant people I was talking about. Your parking and entrance fee still go to keep it all, whether walk in one door and out the next. Stupid people please stop going.

  7. Let them go …..please … They do not belong in concrete pits …

  8. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I strongly support this petition. These animals are in prison. Ripped from their natural environment and dictated by Sea World to perform for profit. Despite years of casualties and animal deaths, Sea World, still living in arrogance, would rather choose more loss of life then to give up the revenue. Nothing but Corporate greed.

  9. Maria Lavorato says:

    What is it going to take to understand that these marine animals NEED TO BE FREE!

    STOP your GREED! A concrete square box is NO LIFE!!
    These marine parks SHOULD BE MADE ILLEGAL! …and laws should then be enforced ….No one attend!

  10. This is atrocious and unconscionable. This has been going on for way too long already and should have ended with this confinement decades ago. These poor animals need to swim LONG DISTANCES in order to live their normal lives. This is a crime against Nature and these animals who are suffering in CAPTIVITY.

  11. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  12. With so few Orca left in the wild, it just isn’t ethical to capture and breed more just to live in a concrete tank. Orca are very intelligent creatures and making them exist in a small, unnatural area without proper stimulation and friendships is beyond unconscionable! We are killing them in the wild AND in captivity. Changing our ways for wild Orca and rescuing captive ones are things we can do to let this beautiful, complex species survive.

  13. Sea World has no right to place these animals in prisons for life! And as always it is always about profit and the hell with the animals. These animals are hurt physically and mentally by being confined. Sea World is guilty of abuse and they are well aware of that fact. Sea World can do something else and let these creatures go free, or to sanctuaries. I won’t go to Sea World due to this issue.

  14. Sea World has a disgraceful reputation re animal abuse.This vile company needs to be shut down.

    Put these human SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS BEHIND BARS, and shut-down this animal hell for all future!


  17. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Shut down and outlaw all water parks!!
    Shut down and out law all zoos!!

  18. Blackfish says it all. It’s no wonder Tilikum did what he did back in 2006. Captivity of 26 years or more. These corporate MOFOs at SeaWorld don’t give a rats ass about the whales or any of the living beautiful creatures. They are living in hell on earth & it’s not right!! Who the F*CK still wants to go to SeaWorld now anyways after knowing the truth about this horrendous prison. Orcas are social beings as are Dolphins and they are obviously going mad if they are continuously repeating this behaviour of banging into walls on purpose & chewing their teeth down from the stress of it all. Fuck SeaWorld!!! & those who go there and support them.

  19. The evil that men do…..

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