Puppy Who Allegedly Endured Bone-Breaking, Head-Busting Assault Deserves Justice

Target: Tara Miltimore, MA Cape and Islands Assistant District Attorney

Goal: Punish man accused of hurting puppy to fullest extent if he is convicted.

“I am a good man. I didn’t mean to hurt the dog.” Shane Tank made this claim at his pre-trial hearing for animal cruelty. The injuries reportedly sustained by the twelve-week-old dog in question, Pongo, seem to tell a different story. This animal suffered head trauma, lung injuries, and broken bones.

Tank claims that he merely tossed the puppy off the bed after the animal became aggressive. Investigators, however, have stated that the serious harm done to the dog could only have been caused if he was thrown with a tremendous amount of force. The suspect also says that he loves this animal from whom he has been barred contact. Yet his seeming brand of love could have cost an innocent puppy his life before it even truly began.

Sign the petition below to demand justice in this disturbing case.


Dear Ms. Miltimore,

The request from prosecutors that animal cruelty defendant Shane Tank’s name not be initially released to the public signals the potential continuation of a troubling trend in the legal system: the lack of vigilance in holding alleged abusers accountable. Mr. Tank seems very concerned about the damage done to his reputation. But what about the possible permanent damage inflicted to his alleged victim?

Please do not let this case slip through the cracks or fall victim to an overly lenient plea deal, as has happened with so many other similar incidents. Animal abusers often escalate to other crimes, and they present a clear and present danger to the community. Seek the maximum possible penalty in the event of a conviction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Albina White


  1. This vile,mentally deranged animal abusing scumbag most definately requires instigation of the death penalty.A slow and agonising death for thias evil cretin is essential.

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  2. This cowards fake tears for his abused pet are beyond disgusting. He’s a liar, he’s a coward, he’s a sadist and he cannot be allowed to get this poor dog back or to have any other animal – EVER. He belongs in jail followed by a mental health evaluation and decades of therapy for his anger and lying issues. Don’t enable people like this, prosecute and punish them instead.

  3. What he did to that poor puppy should be the same punishment he should get. Someone bigger strong should throw him against a brick wall until he suffers the same injuries plus 5 years in prison.

  4. The evidence — the facts — speak VOLUMES — BELIEVE the evidence — Do NOT Release Doggie Pongo to ABUSER-PSYCHO — ensure PSYCHO NEVER AGAIN adopts — nor comes anywhere NEAR Animals — ensure Pongo gets care and a loving NEW home

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