135 Puppies and Horses Reportedly Found Underweight, Injured and Living in Feces Deserve Justice

Target: Delta County, MI Acting Prosecuting Attorney Lauren Wickham
Goal: Seek the maximum sentence for woman accused of running horrific puppy mill.

Countless underweight and injured dogs with matted fur, living in their own feces in outdoor kennels were reportedly found at a horrific puppy mill. These poor creatures were discovered after a Michigan State Police trooper responded to a report of an emaciated horse on the loose. When the trooper returned the horse to its property, she discovered the puppy mill on the premises.

After apparently witnessing numerous dogs in atrocious condition, the trooper obtained a search warrant to investigate the property further. After the search, 135 dogs, including 69 puppies, and 23 horses were seized by authorities.

At this point, the animals were sent to the Delta Animal Shelter where they received care. It was discovered that numerous dogs were pregnant, which eventually led to the birth of 100 puppies. Overall, more than 250 animals were rescued.

The woman accused of these crimes recently pleaded guilty and is now awaiting sentencing by the court. Ask that the maximum penalty be pursued in this case.


Dear Acting Prosecuting Attorney Lauren Wickham,

First, thank you for not seeking a plea bargain with the defendant accused of running a horrific puppy mill. The hundreds of apparently abused animals who were forced to live in atrocious conditions deserve justice.

The details of this case are shocking. Hundreds of innocent animals were apparently sick, underfed, injured, and forced to live in their own feces. It is a relief to learn that the defendant has pleaded guilty, however, she must face a stiff penalty under the law.

Please seek the maximum penalty in this case to ensure a message is sent to other potential animal abusers, as well as in order to deliver justice to the innocent animals involved.

[Your Name Here]


  1. Dolores Proubasta says:

    Instead of a photo of the abused animal/s (which we all can sadly imagine), these petitions should include name and photo of the abuser. It is discouraging to know that despite the magnitude of the crime, the punishment will be insignificant. This must change. Meanwhile, a photo might help bring about some much deserved “street justice.”


  3. Renata+Kuchinsky says:

    We have to post abusers photo and names publicly. The laws across the country should be changed to make sure they don’t just get slap on the wrist. Society will be better if the punishment would fit the crime.


  5. Paula Long says:

    Tired of lame prosecutors and judges doing very little or nothing to these abusive people. They know animals this. Starve her and let her live in her feces.

  6. Maria Lavorato says:

    Thank you to the Michigan State Trooper!!!!

    Authories please seek maximum animal cruelty charges. Do not let this case go!!


  7. After a lengthy prison stay, I believe animal abusers should go on a registry, just like sex offenders & also be barred from going anywhere near animals, much less owning them. Have them listed on a database, where anyone can go online & see their despicable faces & the crimes they’ve committed. Until the laws are stricter & the penalties much, much more severe, there’s just not enough of a deterrent to counter the greed of these monsters.

    • I agree with everyone here of course, however Robert brought up the best point yet- The state of Michigan does not have an animal abuse registry due to quote,”expense” issues. What the Lt. Governor signed into place is called, “Logan’s Law,” which ensures that animal shelters and pet stores have the ability to make criminal background checks of people who have histories of an animal abuse conviction and not allow adoption to take place. While this is a better than nothing scenario this doesn’t do much in the case of backyard breeders and those who live on the fringe and live by their own laws, which this woman has apparently done. See: Stevedalepetworld.com and also: nhes.org
      I signed petitions for care years ago to institute a pet abuser registry for the state of Michigan, I do not live there but am very familiar with it. Not only are we navigating along an endless information highway we are in the middle of a lawless old wild Midwest reality and allocation of funds and resources need and MUST be top priorities and people in all the states but especially people in the state of Michigan need an MUST vote candidates into office that actually care and fight to get humane bills written and legislation passed in their state legislatures that secure animal abusers can and will be held accountable and only when this is done we will see a real change in this type of cruelty and abuse. Political candidates must be supported by signing supportive emails and texts when they are considering enacting measures which could be passed into legislation and laws. Financial contributions from many voters or people all over even if it’s only a dollar or 2 from many people will add up. This is the only way things will change. It’s good to get mad about this and angry, but if you really want things to change you must sign, contribute and often get uncomfortably out of your comfort zone political. That’s where it gets messy, people want their voices to be heard but when your voice gets heard, really heard, you have to be ready to fight like hell, and that is where many people just sign all pissed off then that’s the end of it, and they just keep signing. It’s NOT enough !!

  8. I agree with Paula! We must make laws which are the same for Every State! In doing so we raise the bar for stricter enforcement of these supposed breeders who make money off their animals and yet treat them so poorly. This woman needs to pay all medical costs for all animals, she should not be given any animals to make money off of for the rest of her life, she should never be allowed around animals for the rest of her life. This person needs to pay a large fine and serve time in prison. She plead guilty to get herself a lighter sentence. She is accountable for all the injuries these animals sustained under her watch. Would she want to be treated the way she treated her animals? No. So why do it to beings who feel pin, get sick, feel love and also fear. Animals are not robots! Do not allow this person to get away with this henios crime and have her face the horror of what she did.

  9. Throw the bitch in jail for good

  10. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    SHUT DOWN PUPPY AND KITTEN MILLS EVERYWHERE NOW. They add to the pet overpopulation crisis, they are responsible for the euthanasia of countless healthy shelter pets who otherwise could be adopted, and they are hell on earth for those animals imprisoned in this barbaric system. Prosecute this monster to the fullest extent of the law for multiple counts of egregious animal abuse, neglect and cruelty. PERMANENTLY RESCIND all licenses she has to conduct this “business,” SEIZE all animals on her property, make her PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore all animals on her property to full health and BAN her from ever purchasing, owning, caring for, working with or living with any animals ever again.

  11. Carolyn Douglas says:

    She needs to be forced to live in a small secure cage loaded with feces, outside, for the rest of her life. She is a menace to animals and humans alike…IN MY OPINION

  12. There are many pleas for the end of backyard breeders and puppy mills, yet the age old saying “where there’s demand, there’ll be supply”.. fits perfectly with this tragic situation. Stop people buying online pets or from petshops and you’ll start stemming the supply. Deal with the demand and the supply will eventually die. It’ll be a long slow process,but it works.

  13. Susan Kulikowski says:

    The above comments are all spot-on. Many of us want the puppy mills shut down and there should be no backyard breeders either. These wretched people only want money for the cruel neglect of these poor dogs. Whoever this person is in Michigan, her name and address should be shared so good-hearted people will stay away from her. Throw her in jail for a very long time so she knows how those dogs felt.

  14. What an incredibly horrible situation for all of these animals. This bitch should be doing hard time for the abuse and the lack of care and compassion for these animals. OMG what in the hell is wrong with people. These puppy mills are just horrible and anyone involved should be thrown in jail for a lifetime. Do you not see the lives that these poor animals end up having due to your lack of compassion but instead you only have greed on your side. Thrown the book at any of these bastards – they don’t deserve to have any animals EVER!!!

  15. Nancy Wilsonhagen says:

    Why isn’t her name, address snd phone number listed?

    This site is dropping the ball by not including vital information

  16. Shut this mill down for good and so she doesn’t start one again make such she is not allowed to own or have any animals for life. Give her the harshest sentence possible. Too bad we can’t starve her like she did to those innocent animals

  17. Can they this CUNT POS behind bars and never allow her to be around animals again?!!!

  18. All these angry post (and I agree with them all) I wonder how many of these people go out and try to change things. Ranting on here will not change things only help a bit for one story.

  19. Loraine Pretorius says:

    Name, shame and show face of the monster. SHAME ON YOU

  20. This woman must get the fullest extent that the laws for EACH animal that was seized snd placed under the deepest floor in the worst prison In Michigan!!!
    Gif bless the people that rescued them and the ones taking care of them.

    Pray to God the law finds all these horrible horrible senseless puppy mills!!

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