Hold Basketball Team Owner Accountable for Allegedly Burning and Suffocating Animals to Death

Target: Mike Naig, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Investigate allegations of mass culling of chickens via suffocation.

A teen activist caused quite a stir at a basketball game when she came onto the court and chained herself to the goal. Her choice of attire drew even more attention and indicated the reason for the stunt. The protester’s shirt read: “Glen Taylor roasts animals alive.” Taylor, a billionaire business magnate and current owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team, has become the target of animal rights organization Direction Action Everywhere. The latest incident follows in the wake of another protest during a Timberwolves game in which a woman glued her hand to the basketball court.

The group alleges that a factory farm Taylor also owns, Iowa-based Rembrandt Enterprises, recently carried out a mass culling of over five million chickens via the inhumane process of ventilation shutdown. This type of culling, which has been banned in many regions, involves the slow, torturous deaths of animals by suffocation. Either gas, steam, or extreme heat are the main methods of deployment. Both legal and veterinary professionals have joined in Direct Action Everywhere’s calls for a full investigation into the practices of Rembrandt Enterprises.

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Dear Secretary Naig,

It took high-profile stunts during basketball games to call public attention to the animal rights violations allegedly taking place at Rembrandt Enterprises. Over five million animals were reportedly killed through cruel heatstroke and suffocation: methods that even members of the legal and veterinary fields claim could have broken state law. Some reports indicate that a few of the animals were left buried alive and barely functional after they were apparently trapped in these living death chambers.

Please make this troubling case that has attracted much scrutiny a top priority and the subject of an extensive investigation.


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Photo Credit: Susan Lesch 


  1. The stunt worked! Now there will be an investigation and if not for the stunt there would be no investigation. If this person is found guilty then the manner of death needs to be the focus. This IS A FELONY!!!!! Throw the book at the guy. And while you’re at it give him time in prison and put him in a sauna for hours. This will show him how it feels to be killed this way. Please spare him no mercy due to his wealth. He showed none to the chickens and so none need be shown to him!

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    Just goes to show the filthy rich have no souls.

  3. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    Not only does this guy look like a dangerous freak he actually is one!… you know if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… I say throw him in a sanitarium in a padded cell and feed him through a little tiny door and don’t ever let him out ever again!!!

  4. And i thought i heard everything when it comes to this shit!

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