Hamsters Apparently Tortured and Killed With Scorching Hot Liquid on Instagram Deserve Justice

Target: Fairfax County, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano

Goal:  Give maximum prison sentence to man who reportedly abused and killed hamsters on video.

A hamster died after scorching hot liquid was allegedly poured on the animal. More hamsters died after reportedly being continuously beaten with blunt objects. Sheheryar Kamran was arrested shortly afterwards. He needs to be prosecuted and spend the most time in prison possible if it is found he committed these heinous acts.

Videos on social media platforms appear to show hamsters screeching in pain while they are being hit repeatedly. Kamran allegedly posted the videos on Instagram and linked them to the Gabby Petito case when the investigation was still ongoing.

People who abuse and purposely kill animals often graduate to severely hurting and murdering people. However, despite this fact and the despicable animal cruelty that may have taken place, the state of Virginia refuses to prosecute Kamran. Sign this petition to demand these innocent animals get the justice they deserve if it is discovered they were violently abused and killed.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney Descano,

Sheheryar Kamran was brought up on animal cruelty charges after video appeared to show him pouring hot liquid on a hamster and bashing others with heavy objects. It is important he is prosecuted and brought to justice if he is found guilty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer.

Audio sounds of hamsters making troublesome noises can allegedly be heard on social media videos that Kamran posted. Furthermore, because he reportedly posted the videos and linked them to the Gabby Petito case, many people were likely traumatized while watching these animals die slow and agonizing deaths. Additionally, studies show that people who abuse animals usually go on to torture and kill people.

It is therefore unacceptable that the state of Virginia has decided to drop the charges against Kamran. For these reasons, I demand this case go to trial and that Kamran be sent to prison if it is found he harmed and killed these helpless creatures.


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Photo Credit: Digital_Image_Fan


  1. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    rot in hell

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