Stop Funding Mauling and Killing of Bulls

Target: Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner of Agriculture for European Commission

Goal: Endorse ban on subsidization of bull-breeding for bullfighting purposes.

The European Union (EU) is funding one of the most controversial affronts to animal welfare. An estimated 1,000 farms across the continent breed bulls for the purpose of bullfighting. Despite passing a law about seven years ago barring such funding, the EU is giving millions in subsides to these farms that breed animal cruelty.

The EU has a common agricultural policy (CAP) that does provide subsidies to the agricultural sector. In 2015, though, the group enacted an initiative that would ban subsidies “for the financing of lethal bullfighting activities.” Soon, though, pressures from special interests would compel these politicians to scrap the ban. A subsequent attempt to renew it a few years later also fell short.

In the interim, countless bulls have endured horrific goring injuries, and many have died. Sign the petition below to demand the EU stop its gutless reversal and finally enforce this life-saving ban.


Dear Commissioner Wojciechowski,

Every year, a quarter of a million bulls endure agonizing deaths through the supposed sport of bullfighting. As these animals bleed, the aging industry responsible for their torment continues to bleed money. Why is the European Union still financially propping up an inhumane relic far past its expiration date?

In 2015, this entity agreed to ban the subsidization of bull-breeding under CAP. Then, the EU mystifyingly reversed this decision. And in 2020, it resisted renewed calls for a ban. The EU cannot make lofty proclamations about animal welfare when it is still funding one of the world’s most barbaric forms of animal cruelty.

Please finally do what should have been done years ago. Stop subsidizing bullfighting and stop enabling animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Marko Obrvan 


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    BAN BULLFIGHTING EVERYWHERE NOW. There is NO place for this barbaric “tradition” in the 21st century.

  2. This shit still goes on.

  3. The vile,discraceful killing of bulls must be ceased immediately.The scumbags who have be involved in this vile abuse of bulls must be put to death! A slow and agonsing death for each of these evil cretins is essential!! OH YESSS!!!!!

  4. Lisa Allis says:

    Spain and other countries are such low class animal abusers. What a total disgrace!

  5. Myrna Burdick says:

    Not are the Spanish ass holes celebrating bull cruelty but now
    one of their towns has re-started having horses run thru fire.

    The Spanish have a long history of cruelty – towards the native peoples that they conquered and forced them to take on their
    religion. And yes, the immigrants who came to the U.S. did like-

    The dog racing industry -when it is time for them to go on vacation, they kill the dogs by hanging them. Running of the bulls -another way to kill more bulls.

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