Tell Kansas that Climate Change Should Not Be Denied in Schools

Target: Kansas State Legislature

Goal: Do not require teachers to deny climate change in schools

Recently, a bill was introduced to the Kansas State Legislature that would change the way science is taught in Kansas public schools. Any scientific topic which is controversial would undermined by teaching both support and denial of the topic. The bill specifically focuses on climate change, which is a political controversy, but not a scientific one. If this bill passes, teachers will be required to teach political opposition to scientific fact, which will have a negative effect on what children are learning.

The bill states that science teachers will be required to “provide information to students of scientific evidence which both supports and counters a [controversial] scientific theory or hypothesis.” The bill specifically mentions climate change as an example of a controversial topic. However, climate change is only a political controversy, not a scientific one. Evidence which counters it is often produced by companies who have a financial interest in denying climate change. Teachers will be forced to teach their students politically motivated false evidence as fact.

This bill will ultimately have a negative effect on students. They will be taught political controversy as scientific fact. Other states have proposed similar bills, but they have been rejected. Teachers do not want to be forced to present inaccurate information to their students, and families do not want their children to learn false science. Tell the Kansas State Legislature not to pass this bill.


Dear Kansas State Legislature,

Recently, a bill was introduced to you that would change the way science is taught in Kansas public schools. The bill would require teachers to present evidence both for and against any scientific topic that is controversial. However, the bill mentions climate change as a controversial topic. It is not a scientific controversy, but instead a political one. Teaching supposed evidence against this is teaching students false information in the name of politics.

I ask you not to pass this bill. Students deserve to learn actual scientific facts from schools, instead of information supported solely by politics masquerading as fact. If this bill passes, future generations of Kansas students will be at a disadvantage for understanding scientific facts. Do not pass this bill and allow Kansas students to get a good understanding of science.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    This is the age of science and technology, and refusing to teach and inform about climate change can only lead to destructive practices leading to more disasters, as we have already seen recently.

  2. No wonder the rest of the world thinks people in the US are stupid. We don’t need no stinking science to teach us anything. While we’re at it, lets also deny that the earth is round and keep pandering to the morons who want to deny reality because it interferes with their “beliefs”.

  3. Fran Fulwiler says:

    The business interests that claim climate change is scientifically controversial are oligarches and enemies of democracy who want an ignorant, mis-educated populace that they can easily manipulate.

  4. Erika Morgan says:

    Science is science; religion is religion. This being said, the science of mitochondrial DNA has currently proven that all the human race is descendant for three sister “eves” which means we all have a single common mother Eve, just as the bible says. Also the YDNA evidence makes it very clear that the whole human population of all races once numbered as few as 10 individuals and later as few as 20 individuals probably the second near die-out of humans is Noah’s flood.

    Students who have been subjected to abusive denial of scientific current scientific findings by their education are fundamentally denied the opportunity of making contribution to the scientific body of knowledge as their creator intended for them and the intellect He endowed them with. The State of Kansas would be wrong to wrong their children by closing these doors to their young scholar’s minds in the name of a public education.

    Further the fear of science is really the fear of the unknown due to previous incomplete and inadequate education, that has abused the intellect of the Kansan Kansan for decades. Scholars from Kansas will most certainly be able to make advances in the understanding of “God’s Creation” like the discoveries I cited above. These Scholars and their parents will take pride in achievements. The “dead end schooling” that the proposed plan dictates will be avoided and some will not drop out if the education is real. Remember the point of education is to help create opportunity for the student.

    Erika Morgan, (ASCP) Medical Laboratory Scientist

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