Send Essential War Jets to Ukraine to Protect Allied Countries

Target: United States of America President Joe Biden

Goal: Help Poland transfer needed fighter jets to Ukraine.

President Biden refuses to help Poland transfer fighter jets to Ukraine even though doing so could prove vital in helping to stop Russia from provoking more unwarranted attacks against other peaceful countries. It is important that Ukraine gain access to these planes so that President Putin can be stopped before invading a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) country that the United States will be required to help protect.

The Biden Administration claims they are not willing to help Poland transfer jets to Ukraine that could help them fight Russian forces because assisting a country under NATO protection with such an action could start World War III. They claim that if President Putin is provoked, he may use nuclear weapons to kill massive amounts of people around the world. However, Russia is already accusing the United States of constructing biological warfare in Ukraine, a clear indication that President Putin will likely continue to start unjustified wars based on his own lies and delusions.

Furthermore, Russian forces recently struck Lutsk Airfield which is only about 70 miles away from Poland, inching their military much closer to NATO territory. If President Putin is not stopped soon, a third World War will likely be inevitable. Sign this petition to demand the Biden administration help Poland transfer crucial fighter jets to Ukraine so Russia will be less likely to invade more nonviolent nations and to hopefully avoid another world catastrophe.


Dear President Biden,

You recently denied Poland’s request to help them transfer 28 MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine in exchange for the same number of F-16 planes, even though doing so could be a useful tool in ensuring that Russia is not able to unjustifiably invade other countries. If President Putin is not stopped immediately, he will likely send his military to NATO countries, making it impossible for the United States to stay out of the current conflict.

Russia has recently claimed the United States is creating biological weapons in Ukraine, suggesting that President Putin will likely continue to order military attacks on friendly nations even if attempts are made to pacify him. Simply sending Vice President Harris to Poland to establish the fact that we will work together if a NATO country is struck by Russian warfare is not enough to stop President Putin from committing even more inexcusable atrocities based on insane deceptions.

Additionally, Russian missiles aimed at hitting Western Ukraine have been striking closer to Poland, including one that struck approximately 15 miles outside of the country. It is only a matter of time before Russian forces kill innocent civilians and destroy historical landmarks in Poland. The United States will then be required to send troops abroad to fight Russian forces, making a third World War a reality. For these reasons, I demand you approve Poland’s request and help them send fighter jets to Ukraine so a much more deadly conflict can feasibly be avoided.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Dmitriy Pichugin

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  1. Avatar photo Boris Dirnbach says:

    Sure, let’s escalate the conflict and provoke a murderous maniac to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.
    What could go wrong?

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