Don’t Abandon Ukraine Animals Amidst Bombings and Starvation

Target: Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Goal: Aid and invest in animal rescue efforts in Ukraine.

Heartbreaking images have emerged of refugees clinging to their pets for dear life. Stories have circulated about the heroic efforts of a zoo staff to ensure the well-being of the terrified animals under their care, even in the midst of a war zone. Such stirring anecdotes remind the world that the victims of the Ukraine invasion are many.

Efforts to rescue Ukraine’s pets and zoo animals are ongoing. Some zoo inhabitants have been successfully evacuated to other countries, and several refugee centers now have opened their doors to pets. Charitable organizations have also been delivering pet food and other essentials along with humanitarian aid to under-siege regions. The tragic deaths of volunteers who died by Russian gunfire while bringing these supplies is a stark reminder of the dangers, however. And the recent bombing of an animal adoption shelter, which killed five dogs, demonstrates the vitality of getting any living being out of harm’s way.

Sign the petition below to urge the European Union to invest in this massive effort to save lives.


Dear Ms. von der Leyen,

Vulnerable animals, brought to the brink of terror by relentless explosions and to the brink of starvation by ever-dwindling food and water supplies, have added another inhumane and horrific dimension to Russia’s assault on Ukraine. Whiles these animals, especially those imprisoned in abandoned homes or zoos, have few options for escape and safety, dedicated volunteers have made a mission of rescuing as many of them as possible…often at risk to their own lives. They have delivered needed food, offered foster home shelters, relaxed their rules for pet-holding refugees, and even vowed to stay behind in warzones to safeguard these animals.

They cannot continue this herculean effort alone. The European Commission has touted its commitment to animal welfare. Please show this dedication amidst one of the continent’s gravest animal welfare crises. Devote resources, funds, and personnel to rescue these vulnerable animals and to ensure the safety of the heroes helping bring them to safety.


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Photo Credit: Matthias Darksen


  1. Tina Colafranceschi says:

    Pets are family you can’t abandon your kids. pets and kids are a responsibility to be taken care of and loved. I would die with my family and pets if it came down to it

  2. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Donate to rescue and relocate animals of the Ukraine

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