Address Reportedly Horrendous Living Conditions at Residential Property

Target: Senior Property Manager at WayFinder Property Management LLC, Jeremy Kilt 

Goal: Support the Menahan Street Tenants’ demand for clean, safe and stable housing and hold WayFinder Property Management LLC accountable for alleged neglect. 

The Menahan Street Tenants – a local tenant run organization composed of the residents on Menahan Street, Brooklyn – are demanding action from WayFinder Property Management LLC. Complaints of rat infestations, and a confirmed 255 building violations (as found by NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development) have seemingly been ignored. We demand WayFinder PM’s swift response to the valid concerns of their tenants, and further petition for a complete overhaul of the building to render their property livable.

WayFinder PM LLC is a New York based company who aims “to address stressed and under-served property owners.” Acting in accordance with their mission, WayFinder bought a rent-stabilized building on Menahan Street and has apparently failed to redress the property’s over 100 pre-existing violations, nor the 100 more later discovered breaches. To further the alleged neglect, shortly after purchase, WayFinder PM disseminated a notice to their tenants, asking “if they consented to conversations re: lease buyouts,” according to the Menahan Street Tenants instagram page. The tenants declined. 

The property managers seemingly do not have any intention of fixing the persisting issues of their building. Nor do they appear to have any concern for the right to remain or the right to clean, stable housing of the tenants they supposedly take care of. In fact, WayFinder PM’s sole goal with their acquisition was to vacate, renovate and develop their purchase. To reap profit from uprooted lives and homes. As corroborated by a New York Times article on the benefit of rent-stabilized homes to developers, “a whole industry is built around paying tenants to move,” adding that the process is “cloaked in mystery” and to be accomplished by “spend[ing] as little as possible.” 

Sign below to remind WayFinder PM LLC that the tenants of Menahan Street are there to stay and demand that they rectify the egregious conditions in which they seemingly continue to leave their property. 


Dear Senior Property Manager Kilt, 

On the front page of your company’s website, you assure potential customers that you “take care of every aspect of your property.” Tenants, then, must not fall under your duty of care. 

Residents at your rental property in Brooklyn, New York are calling on you to execute your job and address the building’s 255 violations. Reportedly including, but not limited to, an unacceptable rat infestation. 

Your tenants are dignified people who are entitled to safe and clean housing, free from harassment and the threat of displacement. We demand your immediate presence at the property and a plan to remedy the laundry list of seemingly inhumane violations your building has accrued. 

People are not your profit.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Torah Wolf says:

    Any one of those tenants could take the owner and the management to court and file for a fee waiver if they are on food stamps or low income they can file for absolutely free and Sue these people for absolutely free and judges tend to help people that are suing on their own especially, when they go up against company’s big tycoon lawyers also the tenants can do a group lawsuit and put all their names on the subpoena and go after this building owner that’s what I would do and I would sue for everything mental stress emotional stress stress stress stress stress & breach of contract at the company and owner of the building signs to maintain the building and is failing to do so…money money money money for me yes that’s what I would do

  2. Unfortunately, not all homeowners take timely maintenance and improvement of conditions seriously. But now you can delegate these tasks to such services as this one , while you will no longer waste your time on management, and your real estate affairs will be at their best.

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