Stop the Torture of Dogs in Russia

russian dog abuse

Target: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Goal: To control the groups of people that hunt and torture dogs in Russia

Groups of people all over Russia frequently have hunting sessions where they capture stray dogs from off the street and torture them. These dogs are often killed, and domestic dogs are also killed by poisoned meat the hunters give to them in parks. These dog hunters need to be stopped.

Russia is behind in the times when it comes to animal cruelty laws, and the pet population is suffering as a result. These sick people will capture any dog that they find, regardless of if it is someone’s pet or not. The dogs are killed in vicious, inhumane ways and discarded like trash. It has become a sport in Russia to torture these dogs. Something needs to be done to change this.

Animal cruelty laws in America can hopefully influence Russia to create laws of their own. It is sickening to have crazy people running around grabbing random dogs just to torture for their own pleasure. If Russia can control these dog hunters, than other local crimes may decrease since animal torture is a known gateway to other crimes, Sign the petition below to ask the Russian president to control these dog hunters and spare these animals.


Dear President Vladimir Putin,

There is a sickening trend going on in your country. Groups of people patrol the streets looking for stray dogs to capture, torture and ultimately kill. They are also abducting domestic dogs that are people’s pets and poisoning them in parks. These actions are the work of criminals, and these people need to be punished.

By allowing this to continue in your country, you are allowing criminals to roam the streets. Animal abuse is known to be a sign of future criminal acts, and these people need to be stopped now. If dog hunting continues, then you will have an increase of other severe crimes that can harm your country even more. Animal abusers that hunt for innocent pets are the sickest kinds of people and they need to be stopped.

These dog hunting practices will only lead to other acts of animal cruelty if not controlled. There is plenty you can do to have more control of your streets and how law enforcement deals with these people. They are murdering innocent animals in your backyards, and this will only lead to further problems. Please end the dog hunting and create animal cruelty laws to protect your country’s pets.


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Photo credit: Alyss via flickr

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  1. Just awful to know that any society would permit such atrocities. These animals are innocent and defenseless. The hunters have proved that they are sick, perverted cowards. Hope it comes back to them so that they can comprehend what they have done.

  2. Mira Iordanescu says:

    RUSSIA…you are stained with innocent blood…shame on you.

    • How many more times will we read about these Eastern European countries and their non existent compassion toward animals.Scarey thing about this Nation – good old UK opened up the floodgates let them in here – no criminal checks – zero- and these people who have no respect of human life, could be moving into my street. Scarey changes EVIL PEOPLE

      • How I agree with you Greta we can see now how the U.K has been changed and also how animal rights are also in danger,after watching a video from the East end of London where a live sheep was raffled,What has been done to our country and our compassion for animals.

  3. Surely, these people could find another hobby? One that does not involve torture? I truly believe that anyone who can torment and torture an animal for fun could also do that to a child.

  4. How vile the human species can be . . . . . its a fact that people who are cruel to any animals are the same with humans……So all the people who say they are just animals & do not put the correct laws in place to protect animals & punish these disgusting people who are spreading everywhere. You are shooting yourselves in the foot in the long term. You are creating an unbearable future. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  5. Eric McDonald says:

    People who abuse animals in this way turn to abusing humans as their “satifaction” abusing animals fades. Please put a very public end to this to let everyone know that this behavior is immoral, and leads to greater societal dangers.

  6. Claudia-Susann Berg says:

    All animals are Gods creatures, like you and like me.
    They feel like you and me. Give them love and respect, they are our little sisters and brothers.
    They feel the pain like you,they feel the sadness like you, they feel the joy like you.
    Stop the cruel and senceless tortures and show them all your love inside your heart, if you can.
    First if all beings can feel love with every living being, then will be peace on earth, not earlier.

  7. An animals love is unconditional all they ask is the same in return.. They were put on this earth to take care of them not for people to abuse them. They do feel just like we do if not more.. Those that abuse animals should be a great punishment for them..

  8. cheryl Kramer says:

    I just don’t understand how these “people” can do these horrific things to innocent animals- what the hell is wrong w/them?? How can they be so sick & disgusting it is so evil….. they need to be stopped & punished.

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