Don’t Hit Brakes on Tackling Climate Crisis

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Solidify America’s commitment to halting climate crisis with clean energy transition.

The United Nations issued its latest climate report, and once again the findings are dire. Heat strokes, drought, rampant natural disasters, and a complete upending of ecosystems and food cycles await Planet Earth in the absence of action. Already, a different report has predicted that the literal suffocation of countless fish in key fishing zones will create catastrophic upheaval and lead to periods of famine. In spite of the continued code reds, action is short and late in coming.

In recent weeks, amid inflation and the Ukraine invasion, a troubling trend has emerged. Pundits and politicians are increasingly casting the climate crisis as a nuisance, an inconvenience, and a pet project of progressives. The emphasis instead is moving to ramping up the very processes that are fueling this danger. During his State of the Union address, President Biden mentioned climate change twice, in the most cursory fashion. He did, however, make a point of touting a plan for a worldwide release of 60 billion barrels of oil. The transition to clean energy only seems to be a priority during easy times.

No one ever claimed this transition would be easy, but it is vital for the world’s future. Sign the petition below to demand the U.S. stop reneging on its promises and establish itself as a true world leader on an issue that will impact every living being on Earth.


Dear President Biden,

“Bold action” amidst “a rapidly closing window” for action: this ideal is the key takeaway from the latest UN climate report, a document rife with dire and bleak predictions about the world’s future in the absence of meaningful change. Your recent State of the Union address was troubling for its lack of acknowledgement and commitment to this crucial issue. The crisis in Ukraine should have been a wake-up call that nations need to combat their addiction to fossil fuels. Feeding this addiction only leads to uncomfortable business dealings with dictatorships controlling the supply and compounds the overheating, suffocation, flooding, and horrific shake-ups the planet is undergoing.

Dismiss the climate crisis as an issue that can be dismissed, devalued, or shelved for another day at the planet’s peril. This crisis is America’s biggest national security threat, and clean energy is an essential weapon. Global citizens are worried about the prospects of a third world war, but the world is already in a war for its very survival.

Don’t surrender. Instead, stand up and be a true leader and ambassador for a safe, clean, and hopeful future.


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