Save Reportedly Sick and Dying Guinea Pigs and Rabbits From Breeding Facility

Target: Russell C. Redding, Secretary of Agriculture for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Goal: Save more than a thousand reportedly sick and dying guinea pigs and rabbits at Pennsylvania breeding facility.

More than a thousand guinea pigs are suffering due to alleged horrific conditions at a licensed breeding facility in Pennsylvania. Per an investigative report, they are apparently sick and dying from untreated illnesses, dirty conditions, and lack of clean drinking water and food. They cannot survive in these conditions, and apparently, they aren’t. Both guinea pigs and rabbits are seemingly experiencing extreme hair loss, swollen feet, sore muscles, and skin and eye issues. The enclosures are reportedly filled with spiderwebs and holes large enough to allow the animals to escape.

Specific instances of abuse and neglect seemingly include a new-born guinea pig suffering from sunken and crusted shut eyes who is stuck in an enclosure with 13 other animals. Another newborn was found dead, apparently trampled by other animals. These enclosures are filled with bedding that is reportedly feces filled. Not only is this happening at this facility, but many across the state of Pennsylvania.

These breeders must be investigated for these conditions. Their apparent actions most certainly do not adhere to animal welfare standards. Per these reports, animals are dying, and rabbits and guinea pigs are suffering tremendously. We must save the animals. Sign the petition below to urge an investigation be opened and the animals be saved and safe elsewhere.


Dear Russell C. Redding,

We demand an investigation be opened at a breeding facility in Pennsylvania where thousands of guinea pigs and rabbits are reportedly suffering from horrific conditions resulting in the death of innocent newborns. They are seemingly given no chance at a life and forced to live with untreated illnesses and dirty, hazardous conditions. Allowing allegedly abusive breeding facilities to keep these animals does nothing but harm so many of them and it is unacceptable what they are being subjected to.

These animals deserve a chance at a prosperous life where they are able to live freely and in healthy conditions. We demand that you open an investigation into this alleged cruelty.


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    SHUT DOWN ALL ANIMAL BREEDING FACILITIES NOW. Immediately investigate this facility and seize and re home ALL animals. Make the breeder PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore sick and injured animals to full health. REVOKE his license. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for multiple counts of egregious animal neglect, cruelty and abuse. BAN him from ever purchasing, owning, caring for, working with or living with any animals ever again.

    • I agree Evan. If they are breeding for pet shops, then this situation isn’t any different from puppy mill situations. They should all be closed down too. People end up buying these animals and taking them home to die, or pay huge vet bills to get them well. Pet shops should only accept pets from individual breeders who care about their critters.

  2. Shut them down for good. All puppy puppy mills and pet shops should be closed down permanently. They don’t care or check on whose buying these innocent little animals and for what purpose!!

  3. STOP the depraved CRUELTY to Guinea Pigs and Rabbits — their treatment is heartbreaking and abhorrent — We NEED such BREEDING Mills like a hole in the head — SHUT them DOWN — PERMANENTLY – these industries are depravedly cruel and merciless — these industries do not give a damn about Animals

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