Demand Supreme Court Justice Remain Impartial and Respect His Colleagues

Target: Neil Gorsuch, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Goal: Follow court rules and end affiliation with special interests that could influence future rulings.

The imminent retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has put the nation’s highest court in the news, but Breyer is not the only justice attracting attention as of late. Reports emerged that Justice Neil Gorsuch was the only member of the higher court not wearing a face covering during recent proceedings. Gorsuch was said to have refused a request by Chief Justice John Roberts to don masks during in-person hearings…a request apparently made because of fellow Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s high-risk status for COVID-19.

Justice Gorsuch is also drawing criticism for his participation in an upcoming meeting of conservative legal club the Federalist Society. This highly influential organization reportedly played a prominent role in Gorsuch’s nomination to the court. Their upcoming session will feature lectures devoted to the Roe v. Wade decision, which is poised to become a major issue for the Court in the months to come. Gorsuch’s role as a speaker at this convention could call into question his objectivity and his independence: crucial traits for a Supreme Court Justice to maintain. More troubling still, the meeting—historically open to reporters and public scrutiny—is a closed session this year and will therefore have little to no transparency.

The American people should have confidence that the men and women upholding their legal system are held to the highest standards. Sign the petition below to urge Justice Gorsuch to reconsider his actions regarding two key matters.


Dear Justice Gorsuch,

As a member of America’s highest court, you symbolize what this nation’s legal system at its best should embody. Objectivity, impartiality, and a faithful adherence to the rule of law are traits Americans should always associate with the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, some of your recent actions have called these values into question.

These concerns have nothing to do with your legal philosophy or your rulings on past matters. They stem from your personal actions during this very consequential time in history. For one, you work in an institution that requires all visitors and all attorneys arguing before you to abide the public health standards set forth by the country’s top science leaders. Your reported refusal to partake in a simple measure that millions of Americans follow flaunts the rule of law you are supposed to uphold.

Worse yet, your selfish refusal to wear a face covering puts your colleagues at risk and sends a message to the people that you are politicizing a health issue. Politics should have no place in the Court, which is why your decision to speak at a closed-door session of the Federalist Society is equally troubling. The veil of secrecy surrounding this meeting, your prior affiliations with this group, and the group’s maneuverings on hot-button issues relevant to future cases all cast doubt on your impartiality and your ability to remain independent from the influence of special interests.

Please reconsider your involvement in the Federalist Society session. And show your respect for your colleagues and for public health by wearing a mask on the job. Do not diminish one of the most important roles of public service in the world.


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  1. Kory Chatelain says:

    Neil Gorsuch is the epitome of straight, white male privilege. Living in a bubble, disconnected from reality. But what do you expect from a spoiled frat boy?

    • Kory, Frank is pretty right here, you are clearly biased, and uneducated on the subject! You really think just because Gorsuch is a “straight, white male”, he’s a “privileged, spoiled frat boy”, who’s had everything just handed to him, and didn’t work hard to accomplish what he has?? WOW, talk about being a righteous know it all, AND this entire petition is a JOKE!!! It’s not only old news, BUT it’s deceptive, and a lie, the justices came out IMMEDIATELY after the FALSE report, and cleared things up, so PLEASE all of you stop spreading lies, and hate to further your socialist causes!! If you don’t like America, and all the greatness it offers, you’re welcome to leave anytime, I’m sure Venezuela would LOVE to have you!!
      PS-The ONLY masks that work are N95’s, so STOP with the BS mask lectures, you’ve all been brainwashed, they don’t work!!!

  2. Kory, you are an idiot…a stinking liberal idiot at that. You don’t know Justice Gorsuch but you are willing to call him names for what reason? So I don’t know you either but you are a freaking ignorant liberal idiot, okay?

  3. You can believe whatever garbage you wish, Kris, but the fact is that more and more states and counties are doing away with the mask bullhockey each day now. Fauci himself is on record as saying they don’t work! Argue with his high paid butt, not me…I get my information from a variety of sources from emergency services ( as a thirty one year fireman with med qualifications ) to the Special Forces where I have over twenty years experience as opfor and cadre. Our liberal media would have us believe that it’s only Conservatives that are opposed to the jabs but that’s definitely not my experience in our corner of the world here in North Carolina. Kory’s comment was uncalled for, impolite, a lie, shall I go on?

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