Woman Allegedly Gang Raped and Publicly Beaten Deserves Justice

Target: Kottayan Katankot Venugopal, Attorney General of India

Goal: Advocate for maximum charges and penalties upon conviction for suspects accused of sexually and physically assaulting young mother.

A grotesque act of violence allegedly became part of a nationwide celebration in India’s capital city. Shocking video reportedly depicts a distressed woman, whose head was shaved and face blackened, being forced to march through the streets. The recording also seemingly captures onlookers repeatedly striking the woman and cheering. Unfortunately, these alleged acts of abuse and humiliation may have only been the culmination of the woman’s suffering.

Prior to the events apparently shown in the video, this woman was reportedly the victim of an abduction and gang rape. The perpetrators allegedly kidnapped and assaulted her as revenge for the woman romantically rejecting a family member, who later took his life. So far, 11 people have been arrested in relation to these series of events.

India has a troubling past and present with rampant sexual violence. Sign the petition below to urge legal professionals to send a message of solidarity with victims and survivors by pursuing maximum charges in this disturbing case.


Dear Mr. Katankot,

The last time such statistics were recorded, an estimated 32,000 women were raped in India. This incredibly troubling number does not account for the many unreported cases of sexual violence, tragically embodied by the 2021 rape, torture, and murder of a young Mumbai resident in the prime of her life. Now a similar heinous act has reportedly befallen a Delhi woman on the very day this nation celebrated its birth.

Widespread protests and public pressure over the years have led to a stated commitment for tougher penalties and more stringent legal measures against sexual assault. At a moment when these words matter most, please honor that pledge. Ensure full charges are brought—and strong sentences sought– against every suspect involved in this alleged gang rape and torture of a young woman who was reportedly punished for simply saying “no.”


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Photo Credit: Denonair Nestory


  1. Myrna Burdick says:

    Sir, obviously your laws are behind the times in terms of violence when a woman says “no” to sexual advances. Men are not the masters of the world with the right to commit violent acts against women. Please take appropriate action to show your countrymen and women that everyone has equal value in this world.
    Ghandi was a great leader in non-violence. So too was Rev. M.L. King, Jr. in his quote “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

  2. India is devolving into an brutish, disgusting nation that delights in either participating in or turning a blind eye to rampant cruelty to those who cannot defend themselves (I.e. women, voiceless animals). With more investigation, I’m sure there is rampant child abuse going on also.

  3. God says if a woman is raped generally the man is to be put to death or he has to pay a lot of money to her family a lot like a dowry and he doesn’t get to keep her and then he’s out all that money and it’s made public that they were rapists I think that would be a good idea

  4. Jaime+Perez says:

    This is horrible and appalling! This poor woman deserves justice.

  5. HANG the putrid disgusting BASTARDS!!!!!
    WHY is the victim being punished??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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