Save Coral Reefs From Destruction Due to Greedy Overfishing

Target: Wavel Ramkalawan, President of the Republic of Seychelles

Goal: Stop overfishing that destroys crucial coral reefs.

In just 60 years, humans have managed to cut the world’s supply of coral reefs in half. These habitats are vital for maintaining marine ecosystems, and their destruction puts millions of aquatic plant and animal lives at risk. Fish in particular rely on these habitats for nurseries that sustain their young. Land-dwelling animals, including humans, will also feel the impact of reef demise. Coral habitats play an equally important role in preventing flooding and serving as a barrier for coastal regions. Moreover, coral pump massive amounts of oxygen into the Earth’s atmosphere. Suffice to say, reefs are life-saving organs for this planet. Yet by 2070, coral reefs could be essentially extinct around the Indian Ocean.

A disturbing new study has made this assessment. The blame for these dangerous conditions rests with two main factors: an increasingly warming climate and overfishing. The entire world awaits the verdict on humanity’s commitment to reducing the first cause. But the second major problem, overfishing, can be addressed on a more regional level. Excessive fishing is dangerous because it eliminates integral predators in the ecosystem that help keep algae levels in check. When algae grows unchecked, it can suffocate and kill coral.

The island of Seychelles has been identified as one of the most at-risk coral reef regions due to overfishing. Sign the petition below to urge the leadership of this country to take needed actions for the sake of their awe-inspiring reefs.


Dear President Ramkalawan,

You would likely not argue that coral reefs are the heart of Seychelles. These habitats pump life and vitality not only into marine ecosystems but into the communities and the economy they help to thrive. The reefs draw tourists. They serve as barricades against dangerous floods. They enrich the very air you breathe with life-sustaining oxygen. And the marine life they beckon nourish the people.

Yet according to a new assessment of the Indian Ocean’s coral reefs, you are slowly stopping your heart’s beat. Overfishing is allowing the rapid growth of algae that threatens the life of coral. Without urgent action, Seychelles’ reef systems could collapse entirely in as little as five decades.

Please address this developing crisis before time runs out. Strengthen protections for the fish you rely on for survival and economic vitality. Create a more robust regulation system for the fishing industry, and enforce these safeguards for the future of all marine life and for all life on Earth.


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Photo Credit: Franceso Ungaro


  1. Please support your national treasure. Tourist money may equal or exceed money paid by fishing companies or foreign govts

  2. This can change if people ate less fish.

  3. VEGAN is this Planet’s future.
    Everything else is ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME!

  4. Does anybody read these petitions? Do they care?

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