Pet Monkey Fed Cocaine and Nearly Flushed Down Toilet Deserves Justice

Target: George Eustice, Minister of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Goal: Ensure woman who pled guilty to animal cruelty charges receives fitting punishment.

A woman in south Wales apparently made a habit of cruelly harassing and abusing her pet marmoset. A video shows Vicki Holland trying to force-feed the monkey cocaine and attempting to flush him down a toilet while he clings to it. She can also be heard yelling profanities at him. When the case was brought before the court, additional phone evidence was provided regarding further incidents with the monkey that were described as “very disturbing.”

Holland pled guilty to the charges. Despite her admission of guilt, the court handed down a meager twelve-week jail sentence, and then suspended the sentence. Holland will likely not serve a day in jail. Reportedly, she had previously received a suspended sentence for possession and distribution of cocaine.

This case appears to be a clear violation of the region’s Animal Welfare Act, but the tougher penalties supposedly levied for violations were completely absent. Sign the petition below to urge the department responsible for enforcing this law to launch a deeper investigation into this troubling case.


Dear Minister Eustice,

When it replaced a previous animal cruelty law, the Animal Welfare Act was heralded as a needed reform that could prevent the “unnecessary suffering” of animals. A conviction is supposed to result when pain or suffering is inflicted cruelly and without good reason. Debate may result about what specific incidents meet this criteria, however, if a woman feeds her pet animal cocaine and attempts to flush him down the toilet, no rational person would dispute that the guilty party violated her duty of care and violated the very principles of the act.

Such an incident is not theoretical. It took place recently in south Wales, and it involved a pet marmoset. Worse yet, the admitted abuser apparently had a previous criminal record and a phone reportedly filled with videos of other abusive content. Most troubling of all is the fact that this suspect received a suspended sentence as supposed punishment. The Animal Welfare Act clearly states that you may intervene in matters if local authorities and legalities do not do their job.

Please utilize this power to investigate the case of Vicki Holland and ensure true justice is served.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: RSPCA Cymru


  1. Do your job or resign!
    Criminals will never learn lessons if soft punishments are handed down by authorities.

    Again, DO YOUR JOB!

  2. Lisa Allis says:

    All these politicians don’t care about animals. They only care about MONEY!

  3. A Marmoset? One of the smallest monkeys on earth! That woman is obviously mentally ill. The monkey needs to be in a home that can show care and well-being to it. A suspended sentence is no punishment. She needs to be in jail and serve a longer sentence to make up for the pain and distress she inflected on the little one. Also, she needs to undergo a psychological evaluation. People in their right mind don’t commit such atrocities on animals.

    • She is more than just mentally ill. She’s a drug abuser – a nasty one. She should be sentenced to a 30-day psychiatric observation period.


    • Naila M Johnston says:

      AMEN!! What does it take to do the right thing???
      This monster needs to die a thousand torturous deaths….. NOW!!

    • Couldn’t agree more. A useless ,stupid ,cruel bitch.

    • Alysha+Edelman says:


      • A delinquent court and a failed system that never delivered “justice” for this incredible marmoset is an example of derelicts and losers who serve communities worldwide. This marmoset who survived indescribable terror and physical pain is a hero, a survivor of the worst. Lock up the low life woman who is responsible for the rest of her life.

    • Alysha+Edelman says:


  5. Did the monkey survive or die who saved it. I really am very upset with not being told what happened to the little thing. Bitch needs to given poison and thrown in the ocean and left

    Humans are becoming so sick and cruel

    • She is safe now…

      “The marmoset was terrified when she was taken in by the sanctuary in Dorset, with staff helping the tiny mammal to recover. Team Leader of Small Monkeys, who rehabilitated the abused pet, Steph Sawyer, said: “Rehabilitating Milly has been a long process. I have never seen such a terrified marmoset.

      “Milly cringed away and hid from every person she encountered, any loud noise or sudden movement would sent her into a screaming alarm call and looking for somewhere to hide.

      “She wouldn’t move or eat in front of us to begin with; only freeze and hide.

      “Even now that she is settled and happy with a male, the sight of new people can still cause her to panic. The mental scarring from her abuse will always be with her.”

      Dr Alison Cronin, director of Monkey World, said: “Milly’s case was tragic and heart breaking.

      “She spent her life living in fear and was subjected to abuse and cruelty that is the worst that I have seen in more than 30 years of rescuing primates.

      “Milly will never fully recover from her abuse and will be psychologically damaged for the rest of her life but the key to saving Milly was companionship of her own kind.

      “With Moon at her side, she has been able to relax and enjoy her life, finally.”

    • Naila M Johnston says:


  6. They should hang the fuckin bitch,how dare anyone treat an animal like that,fuckin parasite


  8. Kirsten-Tatjana Loll says:

    I saw the clip (and wish I had not).
    Additional disturbing that you can hear her deranged breed (kids) watching it and snicker.
    I would love to dunk their empty heads into the next toilet

  9. Alice Knight says:

    This is absolutely ludicrous beyond comprehension! I am
    so disappointed in the courts for handing down such a meager sentence to this woman. Being fully aware of her past of possession and distribution of cocaine. We all have to begin to respect every living being . This planet is not just about humans and what our wants and desires are. Every judicial system need to stop babying humans for their atrocities against animals and hand down serious sentences and fines and make sure these perpetrators can never possess another animal again.

    Lily pearl

  10. Linda Mathews says:

    This bitch needs nothing less than torturing to death! Idgaf if she has issues or not!

  11. Agree all comments stick that slut down the the toilet and the fucken person who let her off. What’s wrong with laws and justice all they are is a piece of shit. They dont give a fuck about poor innocent animals . Laws need to change and people need to be punished to the max first do the same to them and then execute them dont need people like this in the community .

  12. The Court was in its own way worse than the woman.

  13. It’s a huge worry that this deranged piece of garbage and its deranged spawn (who found the abuse amusing) might bring other animals home – who will check that they don’t? They are unfit to have any living creature in their “care”. ever!! C’mon judiciary, you have the power to apply the maximum penalty – so JUST DO IT! (unless you secretly support animal cruelty.. do you?)

  14. What a sick world. Not one living being is safe with a great deal of so called humans walking around and the lack of empathy for animals on a whole truly speaks to such individuals’ spirits.

  15. Aaron Knight says:

    This cunt should have an arrow shot through her fucking noggin.

    The sweetest words I have heard in a long time is that the poor soul was rescued and that “She is safe now…”. I cannot imagine what could have been. After hearing about a motherfucker who flushed down the toilet his girlfriend’s poor hamster, I was ready for war. I hate these repulsive, putrid excrement claiming to be “humans”.

  16. Please put this evil monster away for a long time!!

  17. Trevor Tague says:

    Unfathomable !!! No words to describe. Complete erosion of judicial system . multiple violations past and present yet no repercussions . Outlandish and
    Sickening . Animal abuse is the worst thing in this ugly world. When are the courts going to get serious about punishing perpetrators .

  18. Dawn Maltby says:

    Get ya animal laws toughened up NOW…
    What’s wrong with the USA and the UK????
    Two leading countries like this and really slack shit animal laws…….
    INFURIATING to say the least.
    Poor little petrified monkey….
    OM good G.
    Tighten up men ….

  19. debra goldstein lustig says:

    Force feed this bitch cocaine and heroin and then stuff her in a freezer. Prosecute this scumbag to the full extent of the law and hopefully someone will beat the living shit out of her.

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