Pet Monkey Fed Cocaine and Nearly Flushed Down Toilet Deserves Justice

Target: George Eustice, Minister of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Goal: Ensure woman who pled guilty to animal cruelty charges receives fitting punishment.

A woman in south Wales apparently made a habit of cruelly harassing and abusing her pet marmoset. A video shows Vicki Holland trying to force-feed the monkey cocaine and attempting to flush him down a toilet while he clings to it. She can also be heard yelling profanities at him. When the case was brought before the court, additional phone evidence was provided regarding further incidents with the monkey that were described as “very disturbing.”

Holland pled guilty to the charges. Despite her admission of guilt, the court handed down a meager twelve-week jail sentence, and then suspended the sentence. Holland will likely not serve a day in jail. Reportedly, she had previously received a suspended sentence for possession and distribution of cocaine.

This case appears to be a clear violation of the region’s Animal Welfare Act, but the tougher penalties supposedly levied for violations were completely absent. Sign the petition below to urge the department responsible for enforcing this law to launch a deeper investigation into this troubling case.


Dear Minister Eustice,

When it replaced a previous animal cruelty law, the Animal Welfare Act was heralded as a needed reform that could prevent the “unnecessary suffering” of animals. A conviction is supposed to result when pain or suffering is inflicted cruelly and without good reason. Debate may result about what specific incidents meet this criteria, however, if a woman feeds her pet animal cocaine and attempts to flush him down the toilet, no rational person would dispute that the guilty party violated her duty of care and violated the very principles of the act.

Such an incident is not theoretical. It took place recently in south Wales, and it involved a pet marmoset. Worse yet, the admitted abuser apparently had a previous criminal record and a phone reportedly filled with videos of other abusive content. Most troubling of all is the fact that this suspect received a suspended sentence as supposed punishment. The Animal Welfare Act clearly states that you may intervene in matters if local authorities and legalities do not do their job.

Please utilize this power to investigate the case of Vicki Holland and ensure true justice is served.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: RSPCA Cymru


  1. Leniency in the courts is not an option. Mandatory prison sentences for animal abuse + lifetime ban on future ownership of any animal + confiscate and rehome this terrified little monkey.

  2. Jacqueline O'Connor says:

    Vile nasty horrible bitch to do this!! Cruel scumbag!! I hope she rots in hell when her time comes!!

  3. I believe whole heartedly in “AN EYE FOR AN EYE”!

    Yes, she is a HORRIBLE CRUEL BITCH! The laws against ani al abuse definitely need to be stiffer and upheld!!!!!!


    • There’s no such thing as karma. Might as well believe in fairy dust, too. What needs to be done, opposed to just ranting and cussing, is real advocacy for animal rights and donations to groups that are advocates.

      • Carol+brandt says:

        How do you know Nichole doesn’t do that already? Or rescue abused animals? Or volunteer at a shelter?
        I do, and as a Christian,
        I believe in prayer. You know, the other form of fairy dust. *eye roll*
        Are you omniscient? Omnipresent? No. Instead of chiding another animal rights warrior, let’s work together.
        I hear and feel your frustration.

  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This unimaginable monster must PAY for her crimes against this innocent marmoset. PROSECUTE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW FOR EGREGIOUS ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY WITH INTENT TO KILL. BAN her from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again!

  6. This vile mentally deranged drufg addict bitch must have the3 death penalty implemented on her without delay.A slow and agonising death is essential for this vile POS!

    • If you could do that to a human being it’s no wonder she could do it to an animal. You sound no less “monstrous.” Apparently, humans are capable of all kinds of monstrous acts towards animals and one another.

  7. transformation6891Janey says:

    This woman should never have a marmosetor or any other pet how absurd, she is cruel. A woman/ man who feeds drugs to pets and does this …lifetime ban and jail time. Animals deserve care and security that is why we make laws to protect them.

  8. This woman needs to be punished accordingly for this gross act of negligence and animal abuse. Giving drugs to an animal and attempting to flush this so-called “pet” down the toilet shows what an unhinged danger to society she is and she needs to be put on animal offenders registry. Laws need to be created to stop maniacs like this ever owning them.

  9. Linda L Cummings says:

    This is exactly why no one should have an exotic animal for a pet. There are simply too many ignorant moron assholes that do far too much damage. And then we have a legal system that is totally useless.

  10. Betsy Kraus says:

    Why are exotic pets being allowed to live with people that aren’t trained in animal rights, wellness and behavior? Its beyond cruelty and if you treated a child like this it would be murder.
    Stronger global laws and punishments for abusers. Make cruelty (including abandonment) a felony. Start protecting these poor creatures and shut down the sellers as well.

  11. Put CUNT POS Vicki Holland BEHIND BARS NOW!!! Please save any pet that is in that CUNT’s possession.

    • Calling her a filthy name connotating womanhood isn’t any help to animals at all.

    • Denise is always defending the abuser. She said the same stuff on a comment I made on another petition. She said the dumbest thing ever. She said I have such a bad attitude toward humans no wonder they abuse animals. What does that have to do with anything??

  12. Jaime+Perez says:

    Throw this disgusting waste of flesh in jail for the rest of her stinking, miserable, worthless life. What a filthy minded being she is. I hope the monkey was taken away from her.

  13. Rolfe Renvyle says:

    Did they at least take the monkey away from her? You don’t say and I would have thought you would see the importance of mentioning that.

  14. Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of human mentally-deranged psychopaths!

    This EXTREMELY VILE bitch must get the HARSHEST PUNISHMENT possible for this unpardonable, shocking, sadistic and psychopathic torture inflicted on an INNOCENT and totally DEFENSELESS pet marmoset. A suspended sentence as supposed punishment is a MOCKERY against the horrifically abused marmoset.
    ANIMAL CRUELTY shall be treated as human cruelty. This poor animal deserves justice, just like YOU and ME. This human MONSTER must also be FORBIDDEN from coming near animals ever again!

  15. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Can you imagine the fear that is going through this tiny little living being that is fighting for its life as the abuser tries to flush him down the toilet? My God. What a bully and an abusive twisted human being. Whats worse, is that she served no time. Really? Feeding cocaine to this tiny animal and trying to kill him deserves no Justice? Where is this monkey now?

  16. Most people don’t even know how to take care of a wild animal. They are usually unhealthy because the correct food and vitamins are not provided. A wild animal will also tear up your house – especially monkeys. Some countries have a ban on owning some exotic species. I wish they all did. The abuser of this poor creature needs to be punished and the animal given to an accredited zoo.

  17. George – it is elected officials such as yourself that contribute to the continuance of animal cruelty. Obviuosly, the humane treatment of animals is not important to you; otherwise, you would have sentenced the bitch who abused this innocent animal to prison. You need to be voted out of office and replaced with someone who values ALL life, not just human life…

  18. Anyone who could do this isn’t fit to occupy the Earth. #scumoftheearth

  19. Raymond Stevens says:

    This scum eating cunt needs a really strong over dose of street justice, the fatal kind.

  20. For this abusive person to receive a strong dose of street justice would be so wonderful! The ‘fatal kind’ as Raymond Stevens puts it. People like that should not be allowed to walk on this earth.

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