Stop Slaughtering Sharks Out of Fear

Target: Rick Spinrad, Administrator of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Goal: Develop blimp shark surveillance program that does not harm sharks or other marine life.

Although shark attacks are rare in nature, popular culture has helped turn them into a flashpoint of fear. As a result of these concerns, harmful preventive measures like shark nets and culls have become commonplace. In many cases, other marine life are collateral damage of attempts to control sharks. A new approach is needed to curtail deadly overreactive actions and to save the sea’s marvelous living beings.

One such approach has gained popularity in Australia. The technology involves using blimps that float above the shoreline as surveillance devices. The blimps are not close enough to spy on humans enjoying the beach, and they do not need to be recharged like drones. They represent an effective (an over 90 percent success rate) means of detecting sharks and other potential hazards like rip-tides. The blimps can quickly alert lifeguards when a danger is approaching the shore. Best of all, these devices perform their jobs without maiming or killing sharks or any other marine life.

Sign the petition below to urge robust investment in similar technologies in the United States.


Dear Administrator Spinrad,

Every year, many more sharks and marine life die in shark nets or additional shark attack preventive measures than people who lose their lives in such attacks. Other beach hazards like drowning pose a much greater threat than sharks. Despite the statistics, damaging culling, nets, and more are still in widespread use. These destructive efforts upset the balance of critical marine ecosystems.

Project AIRSHIP, a shark surveillance program utilizing blimps, has flourished in Australia. This program carries none of the deadly risks of other mitigation efforts and many more benefits. The blimps can be used for advertisement (cutting costs), do not need recharging, do not invade privacy, and have an extremely high success rate in surveillance. Most importantly, they do not take life.

Please evaluate these promising technologies and make them a centerpiece of a new, improved, and non-lethal shark surveillance initiative.


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Photo Credit: Samson Bush


  1. American+Girl says:

    Kill the sharks, you kill the ocean, kill the ocean, you kill humanity! Assjacks!

  2. Yep,,, That’s all these Devil Humans do!!
    Wish they’d ALL KILL THEMSELVES!!!!!

  3. Liliana Espejo says:

    Save the sharks

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