Dogs Reportedly Doused in Rubbing Alcohol and Set on Fire Deserve Justice

Target: Bowie County, Texas District Attorney Jerry Rochelle

Goal: Give man prison time for allegedly pouring rubbing alcohol on dogs and setting them on fire.

Two dogs were allegedly set on fire to try and break them up during a fight. James Taylor was arrested on animal cruelty charges after reportedly admitting to the incident. He needs to spend time in prison if it is found he committed this act to better ensure other animals will not suffer because of his actions.

According to reports, a female pit bull walked up to Taylor while he and his brother were being questioned about a shoplifting incident. The dog allegedly had sores on her stomach and an open wound near the back of her right hip. Officers said Taylor admitted to throwing rubbing alcohol on his dog as well as another one before setting the pair on fire to try and break them up from a fight.

Taylor faces up to 10 years in prison for his alleged actions. Sign this petition to demand he face the maximum penalty if it is discovered he harmed these helpless animals.


Dear District Attorney Rochelle,

James Taylor was brought up on animal cruelty charges shortly after authorities discovered he allegedly set his female pit bull on fire to try and stop her from fighting with another dog. He needs to receive a harsh punishment under the law if it is found he abused these dogs so that other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

Officers reportedly discovered the dog was hurt when she walked up to Taylor while a deputy was talking to him about a potential shoplifting charge. It was then discovered that the pit bull allegedly had an open sore close to her back hip on the right side and that she also had injuries on her belly. Taylor reportedly told authorities that he had thrown rubbing alcohol on his pit bull and another dog and set them on fire a couple days prior because the animals were fighting.

Taylor was arrested and may spend 10 years in prison if he is convicted. For all these reasons, we demand you seek the toughest possible penalty for Taylor if he is found guilty of this shocking act of animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Cralton


  1. put these people in jail

  2. These scumbag dog killers must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.A slow and agonising death for these vile,evil killers is essential!

  3. Gabriela Torres says:


  4. jackie Pflucker says:


  5. sylvia vegas says:

    10 years and a 10 thousand dollars fine also.

  6. The only positive thing about this horrendous incident is that Taylor admitted to the crime. Where was the other dogs owner? Why were the dogs not leashed & under control of the owners? Pits can be nice, loving dogs when treated properly.

  7. Do the same exact thing on those sub human assholes! How could ANYONE?

  8. Simone Giaquinto says:

    What the heck is wrong with people???? OMG what pain those poor dogs much have been in. They don’t deserve a nice jail cell. Tie them up outside with little comfort, food or protection. Let them rot. Where are the owners to those dogs?

  9. Long jail time for those responsible please

  10. This evil filth of the earth needs to be in prison forever! Extermination would be preferable. Animal abusers and murderers should be removed from the planet, period.

  11. Maria Bertrand says:

    10 years??? Death by dousing Taylor with rubbing alcohol and then set him on fire!!!!!.

    I am so sorry little pitt bulls. Please find these dogs a happy home where they will be loved and be safe and heal.

    Texas District Attorney Jerry Rochelle Mr Rochelle these two little dogs have suffered enough. This maniac Taylor is not safe to walk this earth. Please give the two little dogs their justice..they have endured hell..please set them to safety….

  12. Barbara Garrison says:

    Let me see, this POS set his dog on fire to break up a fight? Is he completely incompetent? Maybe retarded? heartless? psychotic? possessed by evil spirits? Who does this to a dog? Most reasonable, normal people would just separate them. Good lord, there are more and more of these two-legged scumbags everywhere.

  13. Why is this even a petition? Jail should be automatic without question. Sociopaths have no place in a free society as they are a threat to people and animals alike.

  14. At 5’3 I have broken up dog squabbles/fights of dogs my size without setting them on fire! How this would even come into one’s mind as a viable option is beyond me. This person is clearly not capable of owning and properly caring for any animal. I pray these dogs heal and find good homes and that he is prevented from ever owning or coming into contact with an animal in the future.

  15. Deberían condenarlos a cadena perpetua…son asesinos!!!

  16. Tara Souther says:

    Wonder if that’s the way hisparents handled fights between their children?

  17. That was the only option you thought of?! Clearly not the brightest bulb and ZERO common sense…..if that is truly why he did it and not just out of cruelty. Either way, dumb ass!

  18. Kyle A Whitfield says:

    Punishment should MATCH the crime committed……

  19. Harry Anchan says:

    It is evident some humans woefully lacking of brains and compassion. Is that how one breaks up fights? So infuriating he dod not think of the consequences. Thankfully, the poor dogs survived.

  20. Theses 2 scumbags deserves DEATH!!!

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