Stop Illegal Deforestation of Madagascar

Target: Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme

Goal: Stop the illegal logging and sale of wood from Madagascar’s endangered forests.

Despite Madagascar’s recent ban on Rosewood exports, traders are logging wood from its endangered forests and selling it to China. If the rare and endangered forests of this beautiful country are ever going to be safe, illegal trading of its trees must be cut off. Urge Achim Steiner to rally the UN for an investigation into the illegal deforestation of Madagascar.

The forests of Madagascar constitute one of the rarest, most endangered environments on the planet. Three quarters of the 200,000 species found in the country do not exist anywhere else. However, due to deforestation and  illegal logging, a number of large species are now extinct and more than 80% of the original forest cover has disappeared.

In efforts to save its natural treasures, the Madagascan government banned all exports of Rosewood – a rare and vital tree in high demand by foreign wood traders – in March of 2010. Be that as it may, profiteers are still logging illegally and selling off volumes of wood accumulated before the ban.

According to a report by forest advocate Henry Randriamalala, two timber traders and prominent ‘businessmen’ are perpetuating demand for the endangered wood by smuggling it to Chinese ships just off-shore. Jean-Pierre Laisoa and Arland Ramialison have been unofficially documented running Rosewood to these Chinese ‘mother ships’ many times. China has no restrictions on such dirty imports, but the two Madagascan traders in question are breaking the law and can be brought to justice.

In order to stop the rapid depletion of Madagascar’s forests, its government must crack down on the heartless profiteers ravaging its fragile ecosystems. But rumors abound that corruption extends deeply into the country’s political system, and it has been speculated that profits from illegal logging fund election campaigns. We must call on the United Nations Environmental Programme and Achim Steiner to end the deforestation of Madagascar.


Dear Achim Steiner,

The country of Madagascar is home to some of the most beautiful, diverse, and endangered forests on the planet. But despite a ban on Rosewood exports signed in 2010, Madagascan profiteers continue to log the forests and smuggle Rosewood to Chinese merchants.

The rich, C02 reducing plant life of Madagascar is being illegally destroyed in what must be considered a threat to the world’s environment. In order to stop the rampant habitat destruction, an investigation must be launched into the illegal Rosewood trade.

Two prominent Madagascar ‘businessmen’, Jean-Pierre Laisoa and Arland Ramialison, have been unofficially documented smuggling Rosewood from Madagascar to Chinese merchant ships many times. They continue their operations unhindered likely because of political corruption and profiteering. I call upon you, the United Nations and its Environmental Programme to investigate Laisoa and Ramialison, and end illegal habitat destruction in Madagascar.


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photo credit: fveronesti1 via Flickr

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  1. We will also lose all of the rare endangered species of wildlife from these forests forever.

  2. China seems to want to suck up all the world’s resources, and with 3 billion people it’s no wonder.
    It would be best for the Malagasy and the world if their forests and wildlife are protected. Let’s help them find other sources of income.

  3. This political corruption and China’s insatiable greed must be stopped now before there’s no beautiful forests left in Madagascar! The United Nations and its Environmental Programme must stop this illegal logging before we lose even more life sustaining forests in Madagascar!

    “How rich will we be when we have converted all our forests, all our soil, all our water resources, and our minerals into cash?”

    – Ding Darling, American cartoonist/conservationist

  4. Ruth Rogers says:

    Please sign this petition!

  5. zanzibar Tanzania says:

    it is a pity that the port of Zanzibar in Tanzania is now used by these illegal chinese traders to export this precioud endangerd planet species. world environmentalist bodies investigate this proof.

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