Pit Bulls Shot and Killed at Suspected Dog-Fighting Ring Deserve Justice

Target: Josh Shapiro, Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Goal: Prosecute case involving three pit bulls who were killed and discarded in a reservoir by a supposed dogfighting ring.

Pennsylvania’s Eaton Reservoir became the scene of a horrific act of animal cruelty. Visitors discovered three deceased dogs floating in the water. Each of the animals had gunshot wounds. Worse yet, they are suspected victims of a dog-fighting operation.

In addition to the gunshot injuries, the pit bulls were reportedly marred by multiple other wounds consistent with dog-fighting. Authorities even suspect more victims may be yet undiscovered. While no persons of interest have been identified, state police promise to file multiple charges in the event of an arrest.

Sign the petition below to urge the legal system do its job for these innocents taken by brutality.


Dear Attorney General Shapiro,

Three innocent dogs were shot, killed, and dumped like garbage into the Eaton Reservoir. More disturbing still, the injuries on these dogs suggest the crimes committed against them were long-term. Dog-fighting has an unfortunate history in Eaton, and if this horrific act has arisen once again, it should be targeted and eliminated with vigilance.

Every day the perpetrator or perpetrators of these crimes remain at large is a day more living beings could suffer and endure the ultimate act of cruelty. Please join with local authorities in vowing the strongest possible charges when a suspect is apprehended.

Prosecute this brutal act to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Michelle Stewart says:

    Anyone caught participating in dog fights, organizing dog fights, stealing or breeding dogs to fight or using the dogs/cats as bait all deserve to be executed. People betting on dog fights each deserve to go to prison for 8 years with no early parole, each person must pay a $300,000 fine, each person must be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again

  2. Dogfighting needs to be punished with 25 years prison time MINIMUM! Catch the Mexican illegal scumbags that continue to torture pit bulls and steal peoples beloved pet dogs!!!

  3. Sue Gehringer says:

    My hope is that Mr. Shapiro takes this petition seriously and not just sweep it under the rug. Animal cruelty is a norm now in our culture no thanks to the lip service and the slaps on the wrists by our legal system and the lawyers who find loop holes to get the true animals-humans released back out into society to just do the same horrific acts of animal cruelty .

  4. People caught participating in dog fighting should be incarcerated and then banned from owning animals for the rest of their lives.

  5. “People ” who engage in dog fighting dont deserve to exist. This is a grotesque, barbaric activity that needs to be dtomped out once and for all.

  6. Annette & Jeff says:

    Agree 500% with everyone’s comments!!! AND JUST LOST FOR WORDS ITS SO UPSETTING.

  7. Jaime+Perez says:

    Dog fighters are the lowest form of filth on this earth. They don’t deserve to live. People who attend dog fights aren’t any better. They should have to pay huge fines and go to jail for a long time. We need stronger laws to punish the soulless monsters.

  8. Carol+brandt says:

    Fantasy: Bind those monsters and throw them in the ring. Then unleash the dogs one last time.

  9. Catch the bastards, throw them to the dogs and then throw their worthless bodies in a reservoir!

  10. When will the dog fighting horrors end? When will those that promote these horrors be prosecuted and are removed from society?No animal should ever have to be maimed or die for the entertainment of perverts. IN MY OPINION

  11. Find these SOBS and punish them to the absolute maximum! I have no sympathy for those monsters at all, and if it were up to me, I’d throw them all in the ring and force them to fight to the death. That’s an easy solution to the problem, but since we have to make do with the “slap on the hand” remedies that most states dole out, make it mean something.

  12. American+Girl says:

    Gonna say it again, Cull these inbred bastards from society! They are oxygen thieves and filth with 2″ dicks to boot! Hence their feelings of superiority & cruelty to animals. They are inferior pieces of shit!

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