NZ Government, you have promised no forced Vaccinations, keep your word

Target: NZ Government,

Dear Jacinda.

The data such as that from the UK Government shows that the COVID Vaccines (week 43 onwards) actually makes you up to 2.5 times more likely to get and spread COVID even if there is a mild reduction is deaths reported from contracting COVID in those Vaccinated, it is a selfish Vaccine. It is worth noting that the highest vaccinated countries keep experiencing explosions in cases and this explains why.

There are spates of Cancers, heart attacks, strokes and Neurological issues cropping up in those vaccinated, 108+ FIFA Sports men and women have died suddenly, a 5 times increase over the same period before the Vaccine.
The spike protein of the Virus does much of the damage and the Vaccine makes this spike protein, the mechanism by which the Vaccine can cause Myocarditis has been identified recently in a respected journal.
This and other concerns including the novelty of this experimental vaccine have lead myself and many others to believe that most everyone who gets the Vaccine will die in short order (be that a few years or decades) from the vaccine (and or 5G as a kill switch).

Others don’t believe that and some might have chosen to get and believe in the Vaccine but still vehemently oppose New Zealand becoming a dictatorship that can physically violently force medical still experimental procedures on citizens (accurately termed needle rape, only it is worse than sexual rape) because then that does give the Government the ability to murder it’s citizens! (if you think that’s what you are doing or not).

So for this, because we believe this to be an extermination program to depopulate the earth of humans, we will fight in any and every way including using lethal force if we are made to to defend ours life and the lives of others, there is nothing to lose and it is our legal right to use such defense!

We accept reluctantly that if someone wants to have this shot and even wants their children (children have almost precisely no risk from COVID whatsoever unless they are already near death) to have this shot there is nothing we can do about that, but if you make the mistake of thinking that you can have jack booted thugs knock our doors down and that there will not be efforts to defend ourselves you are very mistaken! And guns are not the only means by which a populace can defend itself!

And we are certain that other New Zealanders Jabbed and not will very much agree given the facts that in would be our right and indeed duty to do so!

I know you have said that you wouldn’t force vaccines, but there are many of us that seem to feel sometimes you have gone back on other promises, you need to keep your word on this one, unlike Canada and Australia that have used troops to round up Natives and force vaccinated them.

You also will know perfectly well that EVERY country and area that has embraced Ivermectin has had COVID collapse and stay down, there are no down sides or risks of proper doses of Ivermectin and it is incredibly cheap. But hey, you have the majority brainwashed. Don’t assume just because the majority are fools that we all are! Don’t assume just because the majority will take the death jab peacefully that we all will.
Check out page week 43 page 19 or later weeks to see Vaccinated are far more likely to get and hence spread COVID (they are more likely to be asymptomatic too).

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