Stop Oil and Gas Lobbyists From Corrupting Global Climate Change Policy

Target: United Nations Climate Change President Alok Sharma

Goal: Prohibit oil and gas special interest groups and representatives from attending United Nations Climate Change summits.

Five hundred and three people representing the fossil fuel industry were approved to attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. In fact, each year representatives engage in carbon trading at these meetings, which encourages companies and other entities to trade credits that allows them to release even more harmful emissions into the air. Improvements to the current climate crisis cannot be made if their agendas continue to be met.

Campaigners claim that because these people lobby for the oil and gas industries, cutting global emissions by a significant amount is not possible. Twenty-seven of these fossil fuel lobbyists are members of their countries’ delegations, meaning that they only represent the interests of their nations. Additionally, over 100 fossil fuel companies are represented at these summits. Thirty trade associations and membership organizations were further invited to the meeting. One such association, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), is thought to get support from major oil companies that strongly support carbon markets, quickly leading to representatives trying to gain the most credits possible through carbon trading.

The climate crisis cannot be properly dealt with if people representing the interests of these gas and oil companies continue to attend these meetings. Sign this petition and demand those campaigning for the fossil fuel industry not be allowed to attend future climate summits to better ensure that we can improve our planet for both wildlife and future generations.


Dear President Sharma,

Hundreds of people who attend the United Nations Climate Summit meetings represent the interest of the gas and oil industries. Allowing them to attend these summits only serves to ensure climate change will continue to be a major problem, since their agenda is to advocate for the fossil fuel industry.

Campaigning groups, including the Global Witness, state that it is impossible to cut down on global emissions while people fighting on behalf of the gas and oil industries are represented at these conferences. Twenty-seven nations have people representing their countries’ delegations, along with 30 membership organizations and associations that are in support of fossil fuels. Some of these associations specialize in carbon trading, meaning that oil and gas companies are allowed to sell and trade credits that allow them to release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Even though individual companies releasing a limited amount of carbon emissions into the air looks like a step forward toward fixing the climate change crisis, these credits only serve to redistribute the amount of carbon dioxide that each company can release, rather than truly cutting down on emissions altogether. For these reasons, I demand that gas and oil special interest groups and representatives be banned from attending future United Nations Climate Change conferences to ensure that we can improve the adverse environmental effects caused by negligence.


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  1. I am amazed oil and gas companies along with their representatives and lobbyists would be allowed to attend anything even closely related to the Climate Crises. They have know since 1970 this time would come. Here it is and they are still spreading lies about the degree of climate change and trying their best to do business as usual. It can not be done! They say one thing and do another. Their words are cheap and their actions speak only to their special interest which is always money. There is no time left for lies and deceit. We either stop them from doing more harm or we die. It’s really just that simple.

  2. We need to declare “war” on all lobbyists. They have “bought and paid for” a majority of our politicians, and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in. OUTLAW all lobbying !

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is the very DEFINITION of conflict of interest.

  4. Marilyn+Logan says:

    No time left for lies and deceit. We need to stop the harm they are doing. The only other option is that we die.

  5. Maria Bertrand says:

    I agree with comments. Lobbyist should not be welcome at Climate Change talks. This is very counter productive! It shows that Climate Change is not been taken seriously. …And that is extremely erroneous….

    Clean this up before it really is too late….!!!

  6. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Special interest groups are the reason Countries become so corrupt. So much so that they can not focus on the real issues and the most responsible way to deal with them.

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