Dogs Apparently Left to Suffer With Infections in Filth Deserve Justice

Target: Heather L. Adams, District Attorney of Lancaster County, PA

Goal: Punish man accused of keeping dogs with numerous infected wounds in unsafe kennels.

A Pennsylvania clan has allegedly made animal cruelty a family business, all under the not-so-watchful eye of regional authorities. The Esh family’s brushes with potential animal welfare violations date back 25 years and three generations. The latest visit from the state’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) resulted in the seizure of over a dozen dogs, the possible seizure of four dozen more, and animal cruelty charges for Daniel Esh, his wife Verna, and their son Omar.

In the recent incident, inspectors found several dogs on the family’s premises reportedly suffering from numerous infections everywhere from the ears to the paws. The living conditions for these animals were also apparently abysmal. Just a few months prior, Daniel Esh had been prohibited from having any dogs for a year because of previous charges. In fact, over the years this family (including Daniel Esh’s parents) has earned 40-plus citations for animal welfare issues.

What have all of these charges cost the Eshes?  Apparently, the answer is a couple of thousand dollars in fines and not a day in jail. The family has reportedly even operated several kennels simply by changing the kennels’ names when they are shut down. Despite the clear pattern of seeming abuse, the individuals have allegedly talked and pled their way out of any serious or lasting repercussions.

While Daniel and Verna Esh have already had their day in court, their son’s hearing is still upcoming and represents the last opportunity to hold this family to account. Sign the petition below to demand prosecutors seek nothing less than the maximum punishment for this man if he is deemed guilty.


Dear Ms. Adams,

Serial criminals typically operate unhindered because they commit their atrocities in secret and are able to evade capture. In your jurisdiction, however, three alleged serial criminals have reportedly done their worst in full daylight and with the knowledge of authorities. For two-and-a-half decades, the Esh family has faced accusations of animal cruelty no less than 40 times. With every new accusation, these people pledge to change their ways and pay off a paltry sum, the apparent price for continued alleged criminal activity.

This disgrace and utter failure of the legal system must stop now. Omar Esh’s day in court is soon to come. Make accountability and enforcement matter this time. Prosecute with vigilance and seek the strongest possible penalty in the event of a conviction or guilty plea.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Eva Holderegger


  1. Pennsylvania already has a very bad reputation when it comes to animal welfare and this is why – animal cruelty is allowed to go on unchecked with no consequences in the rare instances when charges are brought. This is truly BS, these people have a documented history of abuse and skirting the law and it has to stop now or you’ll never get this type of abuse under control. Jail, fines and a lifetime ban on animal contact, period. Anything less than this is enabling animal abuse and rubber stamping cruelty.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    PROSECUTE all family members to the fullest extent of the law for multiple counts of egregious and repeated animal cruelty and abuse. IMMEDIATELY seize ALL animals on their property. PERMANENTLY RESCIND LICENSES to operate dog kennels IMMEDIATELY. MAKE THEM PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore surviving animals to full health. BAN them from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again.


  4. Heather L. Adams, District Attorney of Lancaster County, PA

    Punish man accused of keeping dogs with numerous infected wounds in unsafe kennels.

    The vile and evil animal torturing Esh family of monsters must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. They deserve to be put to death. What these lowlife pos deserve.

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