Stop Compiling Blacklist of Political Dissidents

Target: Indranee Rajah, Leader of the House for Singapore Parliament

Goal: Withdraw support for foreign interference measure that targets privacy and free expression.

The city-state of Singapore is taking some controversial steps to curb what it deems as “foreign interference” in its political matters. Under a new rule that is already being challenged, the government has granted itself authority to censor online content and ban certain apps from being used in the region. Even more troubling, online platforms may be forced to disclose user information as officials compile a list of individuals they call “politically significant.” If an individual should land on this list, he or she must run all collaborations by the government.

Advocates and journalists in particular are concerned about the latter provision in the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Bill. These individuals often rely on close partnerships with people around the world to do their jobs. The overly broad language of the act could potentially put these groups in government crosshairs, with the only option for appeal being a tribunal appointed by the government.

Sign the petition below to urge leaders to rethink this oppressive overreach.


Dear Ms. Rajah,

The Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Bill is Singapore’s proposed answer to foreign interference in political matters. Several significant organizations are concerned enough by this bill’s broad reach that they have asked for it to be withdrawn. Their worries about invasions of privacy and freedom of expression are not unfounded.

In its current form, this proposal is built on censorship, a troubling lack of judicial review, and the possible targeting of journalists and everyday advocates. You claim Singaporeans will not fill the effects…unless they are arbitrarily assigned the label of “local proxies” or “politically significant.” Bestowing the power of assigning such labels to the government is a trek down a very dangerous slippery slope.

Please listen to the critics and rescind or amend this potentially damaging dictate.


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