Abolish Racist and Imperialist Death Penalty

Target: Mahmoud Tawfik, Minister of Egypt’s Ministry of Interior

Goal: Advocate for abolishment of death penalty in Egypt.

In early October, the planet marked the 19th annual World Day Against the Death Penalty. Unfortunately, over 50 countries worldwide still use this outdated and barbaric practice. Within Africa alone, about a dozen nations have not joined the more than two dozen that have abolished capital punishment. This statistic is especially tragic for the sprawling continent because the death penalty’s legacy there is rooted in racism and imperialism.

When conquering countries from Europe began invading Africa centuries ago, they brought with them practices they had abandoned themselves. The death penalty became an instrument for these conquerors to flex their power and establish their occupying governments. Capital punishment was exploited as a tool for colonial expansion, and these governments were perfectly willing to keep broadening the number of crimes subject to the ultimate condemnation. Their racist and stereotypical views about the so-called savagery of African people also drove the entrenchment of the death penalty into African culture. Even when many of the invaders left, this inhumanity still remained in place in too many countries.

Egypt currently tops the list of executions performed annually for Africa. Sign the petition below to urge this country to finally relinquish a relic of racist colonialism.


Dear Minister Tawfik,

For the past few years, Egypt has led Africa in implementing the death penalty. As the world continually trends toward an execution-free society, this continental leader should consider its role in leading Africa into a more humane future. Over two dozen of your neighbors have already taken this important step. In the wake of the World Day Against the Death Penalty, follow their example.

In Africa, this practice was never really about justice and righteousness. Invading countries brought it and used it to oppress and conquer people they believed incapable of humanity. To this day, capital punishment contributes to, not lessens, injustice. Please help send this horrific legacy into the annals of history once and for all.


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