Dog Reportedly Found Hairless and ‘Screaming in Pain’ Deserves Justice

Target: Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman
Goal: Prosecute owners of dog reportedly found hairless and “screaming in pain.”

A dog named Lindy was reportedly found starving, hairless, and “screaming in pain,” while being beaten by a disabled child with a stick. The parents of the child reportedly owned the dog and allowed this, along with even more horrific terrors to be inflicted upon this innocent animal.

A Good Samaritan apparently witnessed the abuse of Lindy and filed a complaint with SPCA East Texas, which immediately began an investigation. At the completion of their investigation, the SPCA, along with local police, moved to seize Lindy, as well as a 3-month-old puppy also living at the house.

Lindy was provided medical care, where it was discovered that she was also apparently suffering from both scabies mites and demodex mites. These reported infestations were so unbearably uncomfortable that Lindy scratched deep wounds throughout her body, which exposed her to secondary bacterial and yeast infections. As a result, Lindy had apparently lost all of her hair and built up thick crusts covering her body head to tail.

Although Lindy is on the slow road to recovery, her previous owners have not yet faced justice.


Dear District Attorney Jacob Putman,

An innocent dog named Lindy was recently rescued in your jurisdiction. A passerby apparently saw a special needs child beating Lindy with a stick while the poor creature cried out in pain.

Upon investigation, it was reportedly discovered that Lindy was severely malnourished and thoroughly infested with scabies and demodex mites. Due to these infestations, Lindy had apparently scratched wounds across her body which had resulted in secondary bacterial and yeast infections. Ultimately, Lindy appears to have lost all of her hair and thick crusts covered her body from head to tail.

While there are few details publicly available about Lindy’s former owners, if it is found that they are responsible for this terrible abuse, please see to it that they are prosecuted fully.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: SPCA East Texas


  1. Milantia Roy says:

    Sons of a bitch and Satan – cursed with a spawn of the demon. Jail them please!

  2. sylvia vegas says:

    my best wish is that the 3 die burned in a fire together in their devil’s cave

  3. Bosha Karanovic says:

    … ‘if it is found that they are responsible for this terrible abuse, please see to it that they are prosecuted fully’.


    C’mon, who else but them would be responsible for this crime?

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    Why do these soulless moron idiots have a dog?! Strictly so they can take all their hostilities out on it? How do people become this heartless and soul sick?

  5. I can’t stand this world we are leaving in ……so much ignorance ! Evil people POS ……hope they burn in hell ….poor puppy hope you get well little angel ! So happy other puppy is safe .Maximun punishment and I agree stone to death such awful devil….

  6. Agree all comments get the parents and beat the fuck out off them. Laws need to change and people should be registered to own breed sell animals and property check first anyone who is cruel to animals need to be tortured and beaten the executed. NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THIS ALSO NOT TO OWN A ANIMAL FOR LIFE.
    DEAL WITH IT NOW. Laws need to change what’s wrong with fucken people sick cunts. Name and shame and give address so people can haunt them.

  7. Marion Bennett says:

    I am sickened by the amount of abuse to animals there, that goes unpunished, it needs to be addressed, and people need to be punished appropriately, they need a deterrent that will stop this crime, not a slap on the wrist. Bring in a lot tougher penalties and make them pay for their abuse. No wonder so many children grow up to be killers?

  8. Sentence: Death by beating, all 3 of them! That includes the little r3tard.

  9. No dog, no animal, should suffer under owners who don’t care about the wellbeing of not only the dog but the whole group as well. Full protection is necessary as these owners deserve no less or their crime. This dog was living in pure hell! The child has also now been taught that this behavior is okay, but it is not! This family needs to pay full vet bills, pay shelter costs, hefty fines, and never be allowed to own an animal again for life. Why? They don’t know how to take care of the animal and show no interest in dong so. No animal is a punching bag for their child. It is truly a horror to know there are people out there like this and I am glad the puppy was rescued.

  10. Kory Chatelain says:

    These people should face jail time and large fines. They also should be investigated by child welfare. Something isn’t right in this household.

  11. Beat all three of them including their supposedly disabled devil child! Poor innocent dog.

  12. This vile brat and the 2 mentally deranged scumbag parents indeed must be put to death! A slow and agonisng death for these evil cretins is essential!! OH YESSS!!!!

    • Michelle Mitchell -I agree with your comment.
      “This vile brat and the 2 mentally deranged scumbag parents indeed must be put to death! A slow and agonisng death for these evil cretins is essential!! OH YESSS!!!!

  13. Poor dog. The owners are degenerates. I hope they will pay for what they have done!

  14. Death for these evil cretins is essential.

  15. Beat the shit out of these evil putrid shit parents and put them in wheelchairs along with the devil child that was beating the dog.
    This poor dog is so badly neglected & most likely being abused on a daily basis by them all, can just imagine the abuse the dog(s) were coping in their putrid home…
    So glad Lindy & another pup have been rescued from these disgusting excuses for humans,,,, nothing but EVIL TRASH.

  16. Alice Knight says:

    Why has this family not faced any sort of penalty for their actions? What could possibly be a justifiable reason
    First the neglect of the parents for not monitoring their child’s
    behaviour around the family pets and for the child being allowed to beat upon two innocent animals.

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