Protect Marginalized People from Homelessness as Delta Cases Surge

Target: United States President Joe Biden

Goal: Reestablish a federal eviction moratorium and provide rent relief to those in need.

Over seven million renters last month were behind on their rent, fearful of losing their house during a global pandemic. As Delta variants continue to take lives and increase cases, many believe another federal eviction moratorium is needed. In some states, there has been an extension, but Covid remains a nationwide problem. Hiring processes and opportunities remain a challenge. Applications for rent relief flood non-profit organizations and do not serve as a steady means of secure housing. Demand Biden to re-evaluate his decision to cut the eviction moratorium and supplement adequate rent relief appropriately to households in need by signing this petition.

Job security remains jeopardized and people still risk losing their housing. Even with federal aid programs like the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, renters do not have the proper financial stability to remain in their homes. Multiple issues surface with programs such as ERAP and others that leave many families in the dust. Some require cooperation from landlords, and some landlords do not respond until it is too late to have the application approved. Another issue is that these programs do not provide suitable relief. For example, a renter may receive relief for a month, but this does not create substantial support as they may need relief for past or future dues. By the time renters receive funds, they may have already been dealing with an eviction notice and legal fees. Many undocumented or displaced people may not have the proper documents for these programs and are barred from relief entirely. Housing is a human right for all, especially during a time like this.

A federal eviction moratorium can protect marginalized people efficiently, as it has done previously. However, with state-to-state loopholes and tedious application processes, many are not receiving the help they need- possibly increasing rates of homelessness, food insecurity, covid cases, and poverty.

Sign below and demand that the government take action to protect the six million at risk of losing their home.


Dear President Joe Biden,

With Covid still rampaging, millions of renters are concerned for the future of their housing. The eviction moratorium was able to protect these people from losing their homes and right now it is needed more than ever. The federal rent relief programs are not enough. Many are incapable of receiving these funds due to long waitlists, uncooperative landlords, and missing documentation. Housing is a human right for all, and the government cannot continue to displace families and homes.

Reintroducing a new federal eviction moratorium bill and providing ample relief to renters is crucial. People with furloughed employment opportunities simply do not have enough to keep them safe. With new Covid surges, America cannot continue to suffer from homelessness, poverty, and food insecurity.

Protecting those nationwide, instead of leaving people to defend themselves state to state, will help fight against poverty and even Covid cases. We cannot leave marginalized communities in danger like this for much longer.


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