Justice for Pregnant Woman Who Reportedly Lost Baby Due to Negligent Jail Staff

Target: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Goal: Fire jail workers who allegedly forced pregnant Black woman to give birth alone in a cell and let baby die due to lack of medical attention.

Erica Thompson, a Black woman from Gainesville, Florida, gave birth to her child while imprisoned at Alachua County Jail. Unfortunately, the baby was not able to survive due to Thompson allegedly being ignored, disregarded, and even ridiculed by guards. She was arrested for two charges relating to minor traffic offenses and probation and placed in jail while being nearly seven months pregnant. As she screamed profusely in her cell proclaiming she was going to give birth, guards seemingly ignored her until it was too late. At night, she reportedly gave birth to her daughter alone in her cell, still awaiting medical help.

Finally, when guards seemingly noticed she had her baby, they called EMS to transfer the two to a hospital. There, her baby Ava’s death was announced while Erica held her in her arms. The doctors claimed they were not able to help save Ava even though they reportedly did not even place her in an incubator. It is completely appalling a situation like this would happen and it must not be forgotten or brushed past.

No woman should seemingly have to give birth by herself involuntarily just because she could not pay bail for small misdemeanors, let alone during a global pandemic. This story serves as an apparent example of the true injustices residing in both the judiciary and medical systems for marginalized women.

Sign below and demand the guards and prison workers reportedly involved get fired and bring justice to Erica Thompson and her baby Ava.


Dear Governor Ron DeSantis,

A horrendous, tragic event at Alachua County Jail happened last month when a woman named Erica Thompson reportedly had to give birth alone in her cell. She was allegedly even left screaming in pain. Due to the apparent complete negligence and dismissal by guards regarding her birth, her baby Ava died. Such a seemingly appalling incident cannot go unnoticed. The jailers working that night who reportedly checked on Thompson as she demanded to be taken to a hospital need to be fired. They are apparently ill-equipped and even are somewhat responsible for the death of baby Ava. If she had gone to the hospital sooner, perhaps her baby might have made it. An investigation resulting in their potential removal from the institute is necessary.

No woman should have to experience such trauma or pain that Erica reportedly did that night. Actively taking steps to prevent someone from having to go through this again is the only answer. Bring justice to Erica and her baby by firing those deemed responsible. This story will not go unseen. It is time you finally step up as governor for once and bring justice to Erica Thompson and her baby.


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  1. In our country this is beyond my ability to comprehend. How anyone knowingly can stand by and watch a pregnant woman deliver her own baby without medical attention. This is hideous behavior from the staff. How cruel and uncivilized to do this to another human being. I hope there is an investigation into this matter and who is to blame is brought to justice.

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