Don’t Promote Bullfighting and Other Cruelty in “Jackass” Franchise

Target: Jim Gianapulos, CEO of Paramount Pictures

Goal: Do not release movie footage that allegedly depicts cruelty to animals.

The Jackass franchise may bill itself as comedy, but the most recent charges leveled against it are anything but light-hearted. The release of a trailer for the upcoming move Jackass Forever prompted an outcry from animal rights organizations for its seeming depictions of animal cruelty. The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has even called for a criminal probe into the movie’s production.

Incidents cited in the promo include apparent cases of snake and tarantula mishandling in addition to bullfighting. These reported instances only capture what has been released publicly. The full movie may very well contain other controversial acts of alleged cruelty. Los Angeles authorities have yet to respond to calls for them to investigate the California law that forbids subjecting “any animal to needless suffering.” Yet a plea to the production company responsible for this so-called entertainment asking for the elimination of any disputed cruelty footage has been denied.

Sign the petition below to let Paramount Pictures know unequivocally that the public will not accept animal cruelty for laughs.


Dear Mr. Gianapulos,

“Tormenting real animals for stupid stunts normalizes cruelty, encourages others—including minors—to harm animals, and violates California law.” What part of this statement issued by PETA was untrue? Despite the fact that one of Paramount’s upcoming releases faces these very charges, you have chosen to shrug off the valid criticisms directed at Jackass Forever and enable alleged criminal behavior. This company has an obligation to its loyal audience, especially its young and impressionable members, to exercise responsibility and some degree of integrity.

Before you create an even bigger public relations disaster and force audiences to make a statement by withholding their wallets, do the right thing. The request to remove footage that potentially depicts abuse of real living beings from this production is not unreasonable, and animal cruelty is in no way entertainment.


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  1. If you are showing animal cruelty in your productions you are promoting and encouraging animal cruelty; you are participating in a federal offense. Laughing at the expense and suffering of animal cruelty reveals who you are.

  2. Esther Ciprian says:

    It doesn’t cease to amaze the level of ignorance some people lower themselves. In this day the curelty to animals is beyond comprehension. You show your ability to turn a blind eye to torture and you promote this insane act.

  3. nadine vergilia says:


  4. What A Jackass

  5. Kill these disgusting fuckers!braindead imbeciles!

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