Protect Peaceful Protesters in Afghanistan

Target: International Court of Justice President Joan Donoghue

Goal: Allow Afghanistan people to safely protest and protect them from further violence.

Over the last four weeks, many Afghan people have been met with brutal violence such as live ammunition, whips, batons, and detention by the Taliban for peacefully protesting. The Taliban have been attempting to intimidate and control the Afghanistan population, threatening people’s lives and right to peacefully protest.

Back in mid-August, at the height of global awareness of the Taliban situation, a man and a child were killed at a national flag raising ceremony, with several others injured in live fire. Journalist specifically have been imprisoned and targeted. On September 8th, a predominately female-lead protest in Kabul ended fatally when five journalist were arrested and two beaten for hours. Another demonstration in Badakhshan run by female activists was met with ammunition being shot and beatings. The extremist group has also even gone to the lengths of turning off internet in certain areas of Kabul as a means to limit the protesting.

The people of Afghanistan deserve their chance to have their voices heard. International human rights law prohibits shutting down internet facilities not out of necessity, harassment of journalists, and usage of firearms during demonstrations. Sign this petition to urge UN step in to help as soon as possible, and help facilitate peaceful protests and press coverage.


Dear President Joan,

As the Taliban continue to gain more political power over Afghanistan, people of the nation have been left to suffer. Women in particular have been targeted by strict new regulations, and their choice to protest against this is admirable and courageous. However, as local news outlets reveal, many of these peaceful protest have been met with terrible violence by the Taliban.

The Taliban obviously are attempting to control the population through propaganda, especially with the harassment and detention of journalists. This problem is as a global issue and requires intervention by the UN. People should not die over a flag or ideology, and the government in place is not allowing people to express what they believe. International intervention is the only hope many people are relying on. Protecting these protestors and media coverage needs to be upheld.


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Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

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