100 Animals Allegedly Rescued From Dangerously Hot Hoarding Situation Deserve Justice

Target: Independence Township District Attorney Peter Keenan

Goal: Protect 100 animals removed from hoarding situation by providing mental health services to owner and banning her from future pet ownership.

A recent welfare check on a home in Independence Township, MI led authorities to apparently find 100 animals in unsanitary and dangerously hot conditions. The owner, who has not been publicly named, was allegedly in possession of 82 cats and a variety of other animals including dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and a bearded dragon. When officials arrived on scene, they reported that the temperature outdoors was in the 80’s and the interior of the house was even hotter due to a lack of central air cooling or airflow. There were also reportedly several animals dead when authorities showed up and many more who were visibly ill.

The resident of the home claimed that she took in the 82 cats to help out a regional cat rescue, though it appears the rescue never came by the house to check on them. She willingly surrendered the cats to the Oakland County Animal Shelter, who were sent by officials to pick up the animals, but unfortunately 16 of them are reported to have died either at her house or at the shelter as a result of the conditions of the home. The remaining dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and the bearded dragon had to be seized after the residents of the house allegedly refused to give them up. Local authorities have begun forfeiture proceedings.

Although this woman may have believed she was helping these animals, it appears that many suffered and died as a result of her actions and she must face the consequences if found guilty. Local officers stated the owner could face felony charges when the investigation is complete. Additionally, authorities should insist she receive mental health counseling to address the root of the alleged hoarding issue and prevent this from occurring again. Sign the petition below to demand that these actions take place swiftly to ensure the safety of these animals.


Dear Peter Keenan,

Over 100 animals were recently seized from a home in your jurisdiction. This is one of the largest cases of alleged hoarding recorded in recent years in Michigan. The house these animals were rescued from reportedly did not have air conditioning, and was dangerously hot and unsanitary. Sixteen cats died, apparently as a result of inadequate care, and many more are still recovering after being taken by the Oakland County Animal Shelter.

While this woman must be charged within the full extent of the law for felony animal neglect, hoarding is often related to mental illness and she should also be provided with counseling services if she is found guilty. Please do what you can to help both the animals and the owner recover from this apparently deadly situation.


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Please remand this woman for psychiatric evaluation immediately and BAN her from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with any animals ever again. She should also be prosecuted for multiple counts of egregious animal abuse, and be made to pay ALL VET BILLS for the survivors.

  2. Loraine Pretorius says:

    Why has this monster not been named and shamed????? Anyone who commits ANY crime must be named so that everyone knows who he is. What is so special about him that he is not named. He must be punished to the full extent.


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