Don’t Let Girls’ Education Die in Darkness

Target: Boris Johnson, Chair of G7

Goal: Pledge aid and support to equal educational opportunity for girls in Afghanistan.

The Global Partnership for Education recently concluded a summit where participating countries aimed to raise five billion dollars in funding for education worldwide. The host countries placed a particular emphasis on boosting girls’ education, an effort that could help lift millions of girls from oppression. Currently, over 1.5 billion children around the world are away from school. Humanitarian workers fear that in light of reports of girls being sent home from classrooms in Afghanistan, the incredible progress made for them in the country could quickly evaporate under the rule of the Taliban.

The same countries who made a commitment toward global education and girls’ education are convening for emergency meetings on Afghanistan. While security is undeniably a major issue, these unified gatherings of the world’s most influential nations should also use these moments as an opportunity to stand decisively behind education and opportunity for Afghan girls and women. The Taliban has made promises to uphold the progress made in recent decades, and now they need to be held strictly to their pledge. Infusing a portion of the funding from the education summit would also show girls who feel left behind that the world still sees and supports them.

Sign the petition below to urge leaders to prioritize educational equality in their agenda.


Dear Prime Minister Johnson,

The volatility in Afghanistan will cause repercussions globally, but nowhere will these seismic shifts be felt more than at ground zero itself. Afghan girls and women in particular now face an uncertain future. Without educational opportunity, they are at even greater risk of descending back into chains of oppression and crippling inequality.

The G7 is holding meetings about the many challenges facing this country and the region. Please do not forget that the last time the seven most powerful nations in the world convened under your leadership, a united commitment was made to global education and especially to girls’ education. Make these essential foundations central to upcoming summits as well. Ensure Afghan girls have the support and access they need to continue their education via Global Partnership for Education funding and put continued pressure on Taliban leaders to uphold their guarantees of reform and equality.

Most of all, ensure these girls are not forgotten.


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  1. If the Taliban truly wants to live up to their supposed change and how they will run the country, we can only hope that they will let girls get educated. I pray this happens but I have my doubts. I think that women will be put back in the place of being subordinate to men and being treated badly. I hope that they see that women have so much to contribute to society and should not be made to live in fear.

  2. Manitou Calmstorm says:

    Afghanistan is not our problem any more. Let the people run their own lives instead of the USA butting in where it isn’t wanted.

    I mean, would we like it if other countries started telling us how to run our educational system?

    Unless you people are Afghani, this is NONE of your business.

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